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Fleur-de-Links Saturday, November 13: Ain't No Lie Baby, Buh-bye, Bye.

Tumbleweeds. Wind whistling through an empty Saints practice facility on Airline Drive, and an abandoned Superdome. That's what it feels like in my head right now, as the players and team officials have scattered to the four corners of the world (as far as I'm concerned), and there is no game for us tomorrow. Heck, I might have to give my dog a bath and do some laundry.

The Bye Week hasn't been so bad so far, mainly because Satch, Andrew, Stuart, Dave and many nameless others have kept things alive and well here on CSC. Thank you all for your work this week.

But now it's Saturday, and other than player tweets and a smattering of stories, there's not much news on the Saints front.

Why don't we just get right to it, then?

Seahawks vs Saints coverage

Field Gulls


dmpressley Black Ops... @MalcolmJenkins where you at???
MalcolmJenkins @dmpressley im on it
dmpressley Wish @bobbymccray was with us... I dunno how but, he makes the best popcorn....
Jmack37 Who yall got Pac man or Margarito?
Jmack37 Ok more questions football fans.. Best RB of all time??
Jmack37 Imma say 1.sweetness 2.barry 3.earl campbell/ jim brown
MalcolmJenkins Just got up and headed to Mississippi...#spontaneousness is a gift that not many posses but I was bored
ltorrence24 Just left Cirque Du Soleil Ovo, Amazing, highly recommend it!
bobbymccray Hanging out with my boy @T_Porter22 at his engagement party congrats Fam..
T_Porter22 I'm soooo sleepy but I want waffle house
usama_young28 Gooooood morning. Early start, it's the bye week, but I still gotta get a good workout in... Then i'm back to kickin my feet up
HeathEvans Beautiful day here in Auburn! My little bro Gage Batten is on his way up for his 1st unofficial recruit trip. (cont)
HeathEvans "@RevRunWisdom: Its not so much finding the right mate,, its being the right mate" These r powerful words! (cont)
JonVilma51 Family guy at 9am...yessir!!
ltorrence24 Blessed is the one whose sin the Lord does not count against them and in whose spirit is no deceit.
TylerLorenzen wow unreal Minnesota
alexbrown96 Gayle Sayers is better than Earl Campbell and where is E. Smith? RT @Jmack37: Imma say 1.sweetness 2.barry 3.earl campbell/ jim brown
Jmack37 @alexbrown96 e smith was great but he had alot of help...
Jmack37 Excited to watch my Temple Owls today..looking to go 9-2 with a win leeeet's Goooo
alexbrown96 Leaving Disney and headed to The Swamp!!! Gotta take out the ole ball coach
alexbrown96 So was Montana and Marino and Jerry Rice but that doesnt make them any less great! RT @Jmack37: e smith was great but he had alot of help...
sharper42 Just got out of a public relations meeting about social media. I am letting everyone know I do not own a FACEBOOK Page. Im only on twitter. (HansDat note - reminds me of the conclusion of the Pulp Fiction conversation between Jules and Vince about Europe and things that are the same, but just a little bit different - "I don't know. I didn't go into Burger King.")
JonVilma51 Lets go canes!!! 14-0 already
j_bushrod7475 Going to Towson for the day
T_Porter22 Faded...
dmpressley @usama_young28 it's the bye week... Yet u still wake up at 8.. I wakeup at 10-1030.. U shuld try it!! Hahahahaha
T_Porter22 Just got up...hungry...with nothing to do in this house...Hmmmm
Jmack37 @alexbrown96 barry had no help and just as many yards..
Jmack37 temple plays tuesday bad lol
alexbrown96 BS! He had help, u know as well as i do that he cant do it alone! RT @Jmack37: @alexbrown96 barry had no help and just as many yards..
alexbrown96 @Jmack37 u don't need a HOF offensive line to run for a lot of yards hint T Davis!!
Jmack37 @alexbrown96 man u crazy... He was the only player the defense keyed upon...emmitt was great but if Barry didnt retire hes the all time lead
ltorrence24 Having lunch with moms, the biggest baller I know!
Jmack37 @alexbrown96 t.davis had hall of fame qb...hall of fame TE, and a nunch of receivers defenses couldnt just key on stopping the run
T_Porter22 Ugh c'mon IU
dmpressley Getting a little hot tub, stretch, and sauna.. NO running for me today.... What? It's the bye week!!!
dmpressley @alexbrown96 u are my homie and all.. But today I gotta go with my big bro @BigRIzzle!!!

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