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Saints' Midseason Report Card: Roman Harper is Defensive MVP

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Through nine games, the Most Valuable Player for the defense (based on the highest GPA) is Roman Harper. I've listed all the GPAs below ranking each defensive player from highest to lowest. I've also listed the player of the game awards. You'll notice that only Vilma and Harper have gotten player of the game awards twice, and no one has had it three times, with many random role players getting the award once. Overall, it's no surprise that the GPA's of the defensive players are much higher than the GPA's of the offensive players. You'll also notice that Alex Brown is currently in the lead as the defensive Least Valuable Player, but with an A- last week I think he's poised to move up the player standings and maybe give Jimmy Wilkerson that spot very soon. Make the jump to see the numbers.

Roman Harper 3.29 (8 games graded)

Jabari Greer 3.00 (7 games)

Chris Reis 3.00 (1 game)

Jonathan Vilma 2.96 (9 games)

Danny Clark 2.91 (7 games)

Usama Young 2.80 (5 games)

Leigh Torrence 2.80 (5 games)

Patrick Robinson 2.80 (5 games)

Darren Sharper 2.78 (3 games)

Randall Gay 2.78 (3 games)

Scott Shanle 2.76 (7 games)

Sedrick Ellis 2.74 (9 games)

Marvin Mitchell 2.71 (9 games)

Remi Ayodele 2.70 (9 games)

Jo-Lonn Dunbar 2.67 (7 games)

Pierson Prioleau 2.67 (2 games)

Tracy Porter 2.66 (5 games)

Malcolm Jenkins 2.48 (9 games)

Jeff Charleston 2.40 (5 games)

Will Smith 2.29 (8 games)

Anthony Hargrove 2.19 (9 games)

Jimmy Wilkerson 2.17 (6 games)

Alex Brown 2.15 (9 games)

Player of the week awards:

Jonathan Vilma - 2

Roman Harper - 2

Leigh Torrence - 1

Jo-Lonn Dunbar - 1

Marvin Mitchell - 1

Remi Ayodele - 1

Usama Young - 1

So what do you think? Do you disagree that Harper is the defensive player that's performed the most consistently through 9 games?