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Fleur-de-Links - Sunday, November 14: No Saints Game, No Problem!

We face the Rams in December.  Should we scout their fans, too?  This tattoo looks pretty intimidating. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
We face the Rams in December. Should we scout their fans, too? This tattoo looks pretty intimidating. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Alright.  Enough lamenting, belly-aching, and whining about the Saints being on a bye this week.  

I think we all get it bye now (pun most definitely intended - laugh, I command you!!).  It stinks that the Saints don't play today.  But what are we going to do about it?

Yesterday's F-D-L post and poll opened up some discussion on the matter, and I think we may see some more of that here today, which is good.  Brunch, veggie alternatives to meat consumption, household chores, hamburger bingeing, completing the great American (or worldwide) novel, spending time with family, and etc, are all noble pursuits.   

What I want to talk about today is scouting our upcoming opponents.  Five of today's games feature teams that we will face in the stretch run: Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panters @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants, and St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers.

Which of these games is the most important for the CSC Scouting Department to focus on to help the Saints in their playoff/Two Dat quest?  Make the jump, read the links, and then state your case.  In addition to the usual tweets, videos, and minor Saints news, I have provided links to game capsules and previews of this week's games to help you make your decision.

On your mark, get set, GO!


dmpressley Final score- NCSTATE 38- wake 3.... Yea buddy ACC champs let's get it...!!!!!
alexbrown96 Priceless....
ltorrence24 Who's watching this auburn game, Peanuts!!!
usama_young28 Lol my body's trained man RT @dmpressley: @usama_young28 it's the bye week. Yet u still wake up at 8. I wakeup at 1030.U shuld try it! Hahaa
T_Porter22 NOLA next stop Chicago!....Bears country show me and @bighapp some love!!!!!
usama_young28 @T_Porter22 no prob man. U and @bighappbetter get on the roller coaster out there
MalcolmJenkins 2 picks to the crib just like morelli in 06
T_Porter22 Every1 pray for our safe travels RT @bighapp: Finally made our flight pray for a safe flight#powwwwwwwww
usama_young28 @ltorrence24 lol I'm tryin to be like u... The Honorable Leigh Torrence Jr
usama_young28 @MalcolmJenkins oh yea, I haven't forgot about ur comment about the prestigious Kent State University! Best school in Ohio
MalcolmJenkins @usama_young28 hahaha I thought I slid that by u
MalcolmJenkins Good win Bucks!!!! ... Now on to Black Ops
ltorrence24 Let's see if @T_Porter22 wear his IU gear to work monday?!
ltorrence24 I know @robyslyfe won't he never does, and I'm not mad at him either.
usama_young28 @MalcolmJenkins no chance, on to the Black Ops too
jgoody76 I know 2 people who better hurry up or they gonna be left. @takenby76 @rockie91. I'm bout to ride off into the sunset.
jgoody76 Ok y'all I think they trying to call my bluff. I'm gonna move the car so they think I left them when they finally come out. Lol
jgoody76 Still waiting this how I'm gonna look when they get back. @takenby76 @rockie91
jgoody76 They made it back. My feet are now implanted in some rear ends. @takenby76 @rockie91
dmpressley I want a new snake.....
Jmack37 Fight night... You know im tuned in i got my money on Pac-Man
reggie_bush Margarito outweighs Pacquiao by 17 pounds and is almost 5 inches taller? This is gonna be interesting..
iWillSmith Alright the fight is bout to start, who y'all got? I got Manny Pacquiao!!!
reggie_bush Pacman walking out to the theme song from Karate Kid!! Hilarious!!!
sharper42 Pacquiao,...all Day long. I say knockout in 7th round
reggie_bush Pacman got them hands of fury! Dumb fast!
reggie_bush Margarito going down!!!!!!!
Jmack37 Pacquiao is a monster
bobbymccray Pac Man throwing some serious thunder cookies!!!!!
reggie_bush We had a debate in the locker room the other day if any of us could whoop PACMAN? I think we all got our answer tonight! LMAO!!!!
bobbymccray Put a ruth chris cowboy ribeye on that eye..
robyslyfe Watchin the fight...Pacman's quickness is crazy, this may only last 1 more round!!!
robyslyfe Pac putt'n on a clinic!!!!
reggie_bush PACMAN's cardio is retarded! This dude punching as fast if not faster as the fight gets later in rounds!
Jmack37 Margarito face look like pizza
reggie_bush What if they came out and announced that Margarito won the fight what would you do??? Lol!
reggie_bush That HBO 24/7 on PACMAN and Margarito is a setup! They make you think Pacman is out of shape and isn't focused! Don't bet on that show! Lol
bobbymccray Damn it!!!! The eye got abused
T_Porter22 Yessir RT @duceduzit: @T_Porter22 my boy in town, its time to pull out the red carpet for the bandit!
bobbymccray My gators are killing me..
bobbymccray Pic a QB and stick with it #8 or #11. RT @karimarbrown: Its worse being here :( RT @bobbymccray: My gators are killing me..
T_Porter22 Soooo Gipsons was packed n we decided to hit cheesecake factory but this is just as worse. Smh
BillyMiller83 8 years ago I became the father of a handsome, bright, caring young man Jaden Miller. Love ya bud and happy b-day
T_Porter22 Me, @bighapp, @duceduzit enjoying this cheesecake factory....#college days
HeathEvans A lot of haters out there tonight! After talking to the NCAA compliance peeps today, a lot of my followers will (cont)
drewbrees Has anyone read the book called Bringing Up Boys? I am reading it now. It came highly recommended. #fb
T_Porter22 Anyway me, @bighapp, @duceduzit, and his homeboy about to step out for the night and embrace this Chi-town life.
alexbrown96 Me too RT @gunner247: Got goosebumps tonight when the highlight reel of @alexbrown96 was shown as he was being recognized at the Swamp.
ltorrence24 Man I laid down to take a quick nap before the fight and just now waking up,#whatimiss#imwack
dmpressley Getting a little COD Black Ops before I hit the sack... Wit @tattedup504
T_Porter22 I love Chicago!
dmpressley Ok. Played a little more than I expected.... Time to get unconscious for church in the morning.. GN tweeps!


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