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Saints' Midseason Report Card: Thomas Morstead is Special Teams MVP

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Through nine games, Most Valuable Player for the special teams (based on the highest GPA) is Thomas Morstead. I've listed all the GPAs below ranking each special teamer from highest to lowest. I've also listed the player of the game awards. You'll notice that Morstead has won that award five times, while no other Saint has won "player of the game" in their respective phase more than twice. In fact, Morstead's GPA is not only the highest of special teams, it's the highest for the entire team. He is ahead of Roman Harper .01 points, though, so that could all change as soon as next game.

Am I saying Morestead is more valuable to the team than Drew Brees? Of course not. I am saying he's currently playing his respective position better than anyone else on the team, it just so happens quarterback is a much more important position than punter. Let's not be hard on Morstead, though, he deserves a lot of kudos for having played so well. C-Roby deserves his fair share of credit, too, as his GPA compares favorably to most players on the team as well. It's a tight race for special teams' Least Valuable Player between John Carney and Garrett Hartley. Make the jump to see the numbers.

Thomas Morstead 3.30 (9 games)

Courtney Roby 2.89 (9 games)

Jason Kyle 2.84 (2 games)

Garrett Hartley 2.38 (7 game)

John Carney 2.34 (2 games)

Player of the week awards:

Thomas Morstead 5

Garrett Hartley 2

Courtney Roby 1

John Carney 1

So what do you think? Do you disagree that Morstead is the special teams player that's performed the most consistently through nine games?