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NFL Week 11: Know Who You're Rooting For

Unlike last season, the Saints aren't just going to waltz into the playoffs this year. That means each game becomes ever more important as we get deeper into the season, not just for the Saints but for every team in contention. 

Here is a quick look at the rest of the games remaining in week 11 of the NFL and a rundown of which teams Saints fans should be rooting to better the Black & Gold's chances of making the playoffs. Your comments are always welcome. 

Baltimore @ Carolina

Game:  1pm, CBS, Kevin Harlan, Solomon Wilcots

Odds:  Ravens by 11

Analysis:  Not like the Panthers really pose a threat to the Saints, the NFC or most Louisiana high school teams but in the spirit of true hatred and rivalry, let's hope the Ravens lay the smack down on the kitties. 

Root for: Baltimore


Buffalo @ Cincinnati

Game:  1pm, CBS, Gus Johnson, Steve Tasker

Odds:  Bengals by 6

Analysis:  The Bills just continue to suck year in and year out. The Bengals 2010 season has been a complete disappointment. With three wins between the two of them, go ahead and just root for whichever team you feel more sympathy.  

Root for: Doesn't matter


Detroit @ Dallas

Game:  1pm, FOX, Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa

Odds:  Dallas by 6

Analysis:  Pick your poison. If the Cowboys lose, they will be that much more pumped to face the Saints at home the following week. If they win, they'll be riding a solid upheaval-induced wave of momentum. Who the hell am I kidding, you're gonna root against the Cowboys. 

Root for: Detroit


Cleveland @ Jacksonville 

Game:  1pm, CBS, Bill Macatee, Rich Gannon

Odds:  Jaguars by 1.5

Analysis:  I'm not sure why but this game just seems like a whole lot of boring. I really don't care what happens between these two teams. 

Root for: Who cares?


Arizona @ Kansas City

Game:  1pm, CBS, Ron Pitts, John Lynch

Odds:  Chiefs by 8.5

Analysis:  This is your classic AFC versus NFC matchup so the winner is easy to pick: AFC. 

Root for: Kansas City


Green Bay @ Minnesota

Game:  1pm, FOX, Joe Buck, Troy Aikman

Odds:  Packers by 3

Analysis:  The Packers pose a serious threat to the Saints in the NFC playoff standings. The Vikings...not so much. 

Root for: Minnesota


Houston @ NY Jets

Game:  1pm, CBS, Greg Gumbel, Dan Dierdorf

Odds:  Jets by 7

Analysis:  The Texans and Saints organizations have become very friendly in recent years. Plus, there are a lot of New Orleanians currently living in Houston. If any of those are reasons you'd prefer to root for the Texans, be my guest. But since both teams are in the AFC, it doesn't really matter as far as the Saints are concerned. 

Root for: Whatever.


Oakland @ Pittsburgh

Game:  1pm, CBS, Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts 

Odds:  Pittsburgh by 7

Analysis:  The results of this matchup have no bearing on the Saints playoff chances. 

Root for: Whoever you want.


Washington @ Tennessee

Game:  1pm, FOX, Dick Stockton, Charles Davis, Jim Mora Jr.

Odds:  Titans by 7

Analysis:  Another easy AFC vs. NFC decision. 

Root for: Tennessee


Tampa Bay @ San Francisco - 

Game:  4:05pm, FOX, Chris Myers, Kurt Warner

Odds:  Niners by 3

Analysis:  Obviously we need the Niners to get their act together  and win this one. We've all been waiting for them the bottom to drop out on Tampa Bay, hopefully this will mark the beginning of the end for the Bucs 2010 season.

Root for: San Francisco

Atlanta @ St. Louis

Game:  4:05pm, FOX, Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan

Odds:  Falcons by 3

Analysis:  An upset for the NFC-leading Falcons at the hands of a mediocre Rams team would be an early Christmas gift for Saints fans. It's not likely to happen, but stranger things have happened.  

Root for: St. Louis


Indianapolis @ New England

Game:  4:15pm, CBS, Jim Nantz, Phil Simms 

Odds:  Patriots by 4

Analysis:  As highly touted as this Brady/Manning re-match has been all week, it's technically meaningless to Saints fans. If you're a lover of all things Manning, I suppose the Colts might have your favor.

Root for: Either team. 


NY Giants @ Philadelphia

Game:  8:20pm, NBC, Al Michael, Cris Collinsworth

Odds:  Eagles by 3

Analysis:  Is it possible for both teams to lose? No? Well, alright then. Go ahead and root against the team you think poses less of a threat to the Saints in a future playoff scenario.  

Root for: Take your pick. 


Denver @ San Diego

Game:  Monday, 8:30pm, ESPN, Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski, Jon Gruden

Odds:  --

Analysis:  I don't like Phillip Rivers for some reason so I find myself often rooting for him to lose. You don't have to be like me though. Hate on whoever you want to hate on. 

Root for: Doesn't matter.