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Fleur-de-Links - Nov. 27th: Will Smith Arrested

Other than the Will Smith arrest, there's not much going on in Who Dat Nation today. Based on what appears to be tweets from Will's wife posted at, the matter seems like a big misunderstanding. Let's hope it gets resolved quickly and doesn't affect the team. Links and tweets after the jump.


MalcolmJenkins Let's go Bucks!!!!

RyanClark25 3 Years ago today we lost a great 1. He was an amazing football player growing into and amazing man. We miss you Sean Taylor. R.I.P S.Dot

JasonLaCanfora Broncos fined $50K and Josh McDaniels fined $50K for illegally taping a practice. Team reported the violation to the NFL

JasonLaCanfora Team video director Steve Scarnecchia took the video and presented it that day to head coach Josh McDaniels, who declined to view it ...

JasonLaCanfora However, as a result of failing to report the incident as required by league policy, McDaniels has been fined $50,000 by Commissioner

JasonLaCanfora Broncos terminated Scarnecchia's position for cause. Hearing will determine whether Scarnecchia, a repeat offender, will be barred from NFL

JasonLaCanfora The investigation found that Broncos executives became aware of the apparent improper videotaping Nov 8 following their return from London.

JasonLaCanfora Was among those who met with the league Nov. 16. NFL Security's probe included use of forensic evidence on a laptop and 2 days of interviews

JasonLaCanfora McDaniels told NFL he never watched the 6-minute tape of the walk-thru.

JasonLaCanfora McDaniels was fined for not immediately notifying ownership of the existence of the tape. NFL Security has retained the tape

JasonLaCanfora Commissioner also informs Broncos if any other evidence comes to light NFL will re-open probe and could be further sanctions

alexbrown96 Just left Shoneys with @karimarbrown and some friends and now we are at the mall with the kids doing this bungee jumping deal.

alexbrown96 I have a ton of people asking me about the game and if I am gonna watch!!!!! Are u all kidding me " I wouldn't miss it" we will be watching

BillyMiller83 I am sick as a dog!! Thanks to @GeauxSports for taken care of ya boy! Where does sick as a dog come from?

jeffduncantp 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. RT @nawlinsj: @jeffduncantp. What times will u be signing at B&N on Vets?

ltorrence24 Going to look at condos with @NoirCoreen. Need somewhere to live in the offseason!

NFLPlayerNews #NFL #SPORTS Will Smith of New Orleans Saints charged with domestic abuse: Saints defensive ...

dmpressley At the Bayou Classic game... So much fun!

ChaseDaniel Co-Big XII North Champions! 10 win season is unreal! BCS game?? Possible

alexbrown96 At the house nervous about to watch my Gators go to work....

dmpressley Halftime show was crazy!!!!

dmpressley Me and the great Rickey Jackson!! I'm trying to pick his brain. Make him teach me a few things!


Saints defensive end Will Smith arrested for domestic abuse
New Orleans Saints Pro Bowl defensive end Will Smith is free on $1,000 bail after being arrested on one count of domestic abuse battery early Saturday morning in Lafayette.

Will Smith arrested on domestic battery charge after dispute with his wife |

In a series of posts Saturday to the social networking site Twitter, a user named rockie91 called the situation a "huge misunderstanding." The account features the same photograph of Will and Racquel Smith that is featured on Will Smith's official fan page. It also features personal exhanges with Will Smith's account, which has been verified by Twitter as belonging to the Saints player, as well as exchanges over the past several months with accounts linked to the wives of other Saints players.

"My husband and I are fine and this was all bs," the posts by rockie91 state. "Please allow the legal system to take its course. I feel bad for my husband who is innocent in all of this and all my family. Pray for my family and don't pass judgement. We are are strong couple, Love conquers all and thats what we have. Its just so sad that he is in the public eye and everything is magnified. I love you @iwillsmith! Please who dat fans support our family through this time."

The user of the same account on Friday evening posted the message: "Lafayette here we come."


moosedenied " Blog Archive " Small Price to Pay for the Smiting of One’s Enemies

Henderson: Hartley's redemption | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
With his job perhaps hanging in the balance after last week's miss from 27 yards, the Saints kicker redeemed himself in perfect fashion.

Bush struggles back in the saddle against Cowboys
"I’m definitely happy to be back,’’ said Bush, whose freak injury while trying to recover a muffed punt Sept. 20 at Candlestick Park caused him to miss eight games. "It felt good to (finally) get out there. Obviously, you can’t have those types of mistakes in a crucial situation like that when the game is on the line. That’s a mental error on my part. I got to clean it up and I got to play better.’’

Saints rescue win against Cowboys
It started like it would be a laugher. Later, Cowboys fans were laughing at Saints fans, mocking their chants of "Reg-gie, Reg-gie." Ultimately, Saints fans got the last laugh, thanks to the heroics of Malcolm Jenkins and Drew Brees in a thrilling 30-27 Thanksgiving Day win at Cowboys Stadium in Arllington.

New Orleans Saints spread the wealth among receiving corps in victory over Dallas Cowboys |
Receiver Robert Meachem wasn't targeted all day until he came up with game-changing 55-yard catch in final minutes

Dallas Cowboys' Roy Williams: 'I lost the ballgame' |
"It was just a bang-bang play," he said. "Guy made a heck of a play. I'm accountable for it. I lost the ballgame. I will say that -- let my teammates down."

Dallas Cowboys show spunk in first loss under Jason Garrett |
Team takes pride in having 'played their hearts out'

Malcolm Jenkins makes play for the ages for New Orleans Saints |
"Oh, my gosh, big play," Saints safety Roman Harper said afterward, shaking his head. "Probably by far the biggest play he's made in his life on the national stage."

New Orleans Saints prove anything's possible in race to playoffs |
Comeback ranks as one of team's greatest

AROUND THE LEAGUE: news: Lions' Hill: Pats defender was 'literally trying to break my arm'
"That's why I eventually gave up the ball," Hill told the newspaper. "Somebody was down there (in the pile) literally trying to break my arm, which is already broken. Literally, trying. And, uh, you know, I guess (it) wasn't seen (by officials)." news: Big NFC matchup in the Dome highlights Week 12 storylines
Three games on Thursday set the stage for the conference races to get into the playoffs. The Patriots and Saints won, which leaves little wiggle room for the teams fighting to get into the wild-card race. Things are starting to get magnified, and one untimely turnover can do major damage to playoff hopes. news: Taping 49ers' practice draws $50K fines for Broncos, McDaniels
The NFL fined the Denver Broncos and coach Josh McDaniels $50,000 each after a team employee violated the league's integrity-of-the-game policy by videotaping a six-minute portion of the San Francisco 49ers' Oct. 30 practice in London

Final Word: NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Five nuggets of knowledge about Week 12: Crunch time. We're going to find out a lot about the Falcons over the next week or so.