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Fleur-de-Links - Nov. 29th: Willie Roaf Among Hall Of Fame Semifinalists

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Big Willie is among the 26 semifinalists selected for the 2011 Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Marshall Faulk is also on the list. Faulk is most likely a first ballot shoo-in this year as offensive skill players always seem to get greater consideration. With the way Mr. Roaf dominated at his position while with the Saints and Chiefs, I hope he also gets strong consideration this year and doesn't have to wait around like Rickey Jackson did.

Looks like many Saints players saw the beat-down Andre Johnson put on Cortland Finnegan yesterday. Their opinions of it seem to be mixed. The defensive players I see tweets from seem to think Johnson went too far while the offensive players think Finnegan deserved what he got.


MalcolmJenkins Home relaxing getting ready for another work week... Gotta keep winning

reggie_bush Me engaged? C'Mon Son!!!!! Even Rocky was like C'Mon Son!!!!

jgoody76 Lmao RT @Toten86: Andre Johnson gave Finnegan what he rightfully deserved. He wants get tough with with big boy so he got beat down.

sharper42 Way 2 let em know how u feel about press coverage andre johnson.

 dmpressley Man I have apple pies, and sweet potato pie chilling around the house thanx to @KristleJnkns... Sean is gonna kill me!! Lol

T_Porter22 Feels like I'm n quicksand and my life is slowly about to end...#suckstobeme

BillyMiller83 Just in: warrant out on @johnson80 for beating Cortland Finnegan and his perm down! Thank God for him that wasn't in the street, LOL

dmcallister26 Good Morning World. Make today Great

Official_Saints All Saints players we have confirmed on Twitter are listed here RT @WhoDatNOLA1025 players twitter pages?

LanceMoore16 Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving wknd w family n friends. Now its back to work for most of us. Let's make this wk a great one!!!

Official_Saints What do you guys think of our new profile pic? Santa Sir Saint!

jeffduncantp Currently no media access with the #saints is scheduled until Wed. That could change, tho. @adkmomof3: Does Payton speak to media tomorrow?

jeffduncantp Depends on foe. Bush will avg 8-10 touches per game @BlitzAgain: Your thoughts on Bush & Ivory going forward? Ivory still main ball carrier?

jeffduncantp The #Saints currently are the No. 5 seed in the NFC. They would play @ the NFC West winner (STL) in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

Official_Saints RT @ProFootballHOF: next step for HOF is Finalists in Jan; Class named on day before SB XLV. Enshrinement in Canton on Sat. Aug. 6

dmcallister26 I hope #1 of my followers has a massive headache and tht they are late for work. How dare u. Don't look around Yes U

BillyMiller83 Can you believe this dude Steve Johnson from buffalo blamed God for his drop pass then told "GOD" he'll never forget that! Now that's funny!

JohnnyKeller Cortland Finnegan's new jersey will read "innegan" as a result of Andre Johnson beating the F out of him.

jeffduncantp #Saints lose almost every tie-breaker to ATL @Andyfal21: what if the Saints win out & Falcons only loss is to the Saints, who wins the div.?

T_Porter22 good to be back at work...feeling a little better.

dmpressley What!?!??? RT @TheRedzoneorg: Report: Andre Johnson Will Not Be Suspended #NFL #Texans

jeffduncantp Reading the tea leaves on @SI_PeterKing's cryptic "This is going to be a very good week" for Saints fans. ...Brees is SI's Sportsman of Year

Official_Saints Remember our Halloween Costume Contest? Our winner Jacy chose @DrewBrees to sign her photo!

BillyMiller83 If you are over 60, drive with two hands, your car is tied together with rope or you fit in a motorcycle parking spot, get out the fast lane

j_bushrod7475 You better get up n get going boo"@jessmendez_: I am in such a lazy mood today!!"



Saints offense back in championship-like groove
Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints' offense appear to have recaptured their championship form.

Pondering the future | Bengals Blog
If you are feeling like its the late ’90s all over again with the Bengals, we wouldn’t blame you. And if you feel like this season and the future couldn’t get much worse, it really can.



Roaf Named Pro Football HOF Semifinalist

Faulk, Roaf semifinalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame
New Orleanian Marshall Faulk and former New Orleans Saints tackle William Roaf are among the 26 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2011.



NFL-worst Panthers may be winning by losing
"This is a tough game played by tough people," Fox said Monday.

Parity Keeps Many N.F.L. Teams’ Playoff Hopes Alive -
By Thanksgiving weekend last year, the N.F.L. had issued its first byzantine scenarios for what outcomes were necessary for the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints to secure playoff spots. This year they are mired in the same competitive muck as all but a handful of teams. That is bad news for the Saints and the Colts, but it is great news for the teams that have usually been eliminated from contention by this time of year. - Injuries another setback for Bucs
The Buccaneers lost to the Ravens in Week 12 and also lost a pair of starters for the season.

NFL’s Pash: ‘We are going to have a deal’
The NFL is willing to consider alternatives to the core economic proposal it made to the players’ union, but wants the pace of talks to quicken, the league’s top internal negotiator, Jeff Pash, said.

Josh McDaniels tape; Cortland Finnegan-Andre Johnson fight; more Week 12 - Peter King -
6. New Orleans (8-3). This is going to be a very good week if you're a fan of the Saints. Trust me on that one.

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN

Plenty of parity in all divisions as races heat up
At Atlanta, Matt Bryant kicked a 47-yard field goal with 9 seconds remaining to give the NFC-leading Falcons their fifth straight win and remain a game ahead of New Orleans in the NFC South.

Postseason in NFC tough to forecast - JSOnline
If the Bears go on to win the NFC North, the Packers would be fighting for one of two wild-card berths. And if the season ended today, New Orleans would get one of those spots.



What We Learned: Saints learn 'D' can stand for danger - NFL - Sporting News
Aggressive defense can sometimes hurt the Saints. Coordinator Gregg Williams calls on his players to attack constantly. The Saints were able to pressure Dallas into key mistakes -- an interception, fumbles and botched snaps. But they also were burned by their aggressiveness, specifically when the Cowboys fed Felix Jones the ball on screen passes and when wide receiver Miles Austin scored on a 60-yard end-around early in the second half.

Henderson: Saints have changed roles with Cowboys | | WWL Sports
There was a time when the Saints would have had few fans making the trek to Dallas – some 520 miles away – anticipating a long day in defeat. Instead, there seemed to be close to 30,000 Who Dats in the crowd of 94,000 rooting for a team that no longer gives them reason to expect the worst in defeat, but rather to expect the best in victory.

Saints, Cowboys enter final full month | | Shreveport Times
With five games remaining, the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys couldn't be headed in more different directions.

Fanfare: A monologue by Manuel Torres |
The New Orleans Saints' awesome, heart-crushing defeat of the Cowboys Thursday was Fox's highest-rated Thanksgiving game in 15 years. The Saints are playing well, so I'm not surprised 68 percent of metro area TV sets in use were tuned to the game. What I find perplexing is that 32 percent were tuned to something else. Who are these people?...