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Drew Brees to be Sports Illustrated's 2010 Sportsman of the Year?

The internet is beginning to buzz with the rumor that Saints quarterback Drew Brees is going to be named Sports Illustrated's 2010 Sportsman of the Year, which will be announced tomorrow morning. 

In his SI Monday Morning Quarterback column today, Peter King mentioned this in his power rankings...

This is going to be a very good week if you're a fan of the Saints. Trust me on that one.

Guess he couldn't find anything actually nice or positive to say about the Saints. I wonder what it could all mean? I suppose it could mean that Pierre Thomas is expected to return to practice in full. Hell, who am I kidding? 

Jeff Duncan thinks it can only mean that Brees will be receiving the sports magazines highest honor. He said so in a recent tweet...

Reading the tea leaves on @SI_PeterKing's cryptic "This is going to be a very good week" for Saints fans. ...Brees is SI's Sportsman of Year  

Kaare Johnson of WIST 690AM supposedly thinks the same thing, as per message board guy

So the clues are starting to pile up and I've got to say, it all makes perfect sense to me. Why wouldn't Drew Brees be named Sportsman of the Year? I'm sure we'll find out early tomorrow if the information isn't leaked out tonight. Of course it will be right here on Da Chronic the second it happens. 

**Shout out to CSC member, DrewBreesManCrush, for being the first to speculate and for bringing this to my attention.**