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What the Hell Did Pierre Thomas Do?

So Brian Allee-Walsh claims that fan-favorite running back Pierre Thomas was incredibly close to being dealt to New England for a cornerback last month before the trade deadline. As it turns out, the Pats also wanted a draft pick but that price was too rich for Payton's blood.

Can't say the news didn't tick me off a bit when I first heard it. Make no mistake about it, I'm a Pierre lover through and through. Have been since he first walked onto the team and beat out 4th round draft pick Antonio Pittman. Since then he's given the Saints everything he's got and done it for very little, while others like him do much less and for a lot more. Helping this team to a Super Bowl championship, all the while never saying one negative thing. To think of Pierre ever playing for another team just doesn't sit right with me.

But as has been mentioned by others before, trading Pierre might have been the best thing for the future of the team. Given the low-ball contract offer by the team this summer, the rumors that Thomas is in the doghouse because of his longer-than-expected recovery time and now this almost trade, we can't help but get the impression that this relationship is strained. So as much as it would have sucked to see him go, the Saints could have at least gotten something in return, instead of getting nothing when he likely signs with another team this off-season.

Regardless, Pierre's days are apparently numbered here in New Orleans. We could be watching his final games wearing the Black & Gold, if he ever heals up and sees the field again. That just sucks. But if I have to watch one of my favorite players leave for greener pastures, all I want to know is: Why? Just what in the hell did Pierre Thomas do other than only the positive things that come to my mind? How did the situation get to this point? When did things begin to change? Was it the contract dispute this summer? Does it have anything to do with why Thomas hasn't tweeted anything in a long time?

While I'm discussing things written by Brian Allee-Walsh, I've got an opinion to share on this piece he put together about the possibility of Gregg Williams leaving for a head coaching gig next season, thanks to the success he's had transforming the Saints defense so quickly. I just don't see that happening. Williams has been a head coach before but didn't enjoy the person he'd become or the off-field stuff that comes with being a head coach in the NFL, like being in the public eye. I think he's more comfortable running the show behind the scenes. That's not to say he won't get a great offer to become a defensive coordinator somewhere else, but I don't see him leaving for a head coaching position.