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Fleur-De-Links Sunday, November 7: New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers Gameday Catfight Edition

Is he crazy like a fox, or will he be outfoxed?  Let's hope for the latter. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Is he crazy like a fox, or will he be outfoxed? Let's hope for the latter. (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Wake up, Who Dat Nation!!  We've got work to do to help our team scratch out another win as we invade the Panter Den seeking our first sweep of Carolina since Sean Payton rode into town in 2006.  

It's Gameday, so what t-shirt/jersey are you wearing?  Have you selected a hat yet?  What's on the menu for this afternoon's contest?  Are you watching alone, or with friends?  Decisions, decisions.  Just clear your mind and focus...the correct choices will come to you.

Well, the good thing is that you don't have to have your game outfit on to read all the pre-game news and notes from the Saints and Panters respective bullpens.

Settle into your chair and finish that coffee and breakfast while gorging on the links, tweets, and videos that follow.  If you feel a hairball in your throat, and you're gonna spew, spew into this. (the line is at about a minute and a half into the scene)

Also: this can serve as our PRE-pre-game open thread area for all of us anxiously hovering around our computers, waiting for the game to hurry up and get here already!!!!

Saints vs Panthers coverage

Saints vs Panthers preview

Cat Scratch Reader


MalcolmJenkins On my way to NC
alexbrown96 Thanks 4 the love RT @Jlevi643: Hey Man, You were my favorite on D growing up a Bears Fan. I now follow NO because we miss you in Chicago!
alexbrown96 Hahahaha u didnt believe that when u wrote it! RT @FleurDeLeap: @alexbrown96 Vandy is gonna whoop the Gators' butts today!
alexbrown96 Just landed in carolina what's happening? RT @JULIANGALANO: @alexbrown96. Please tell me you're watching these Gators right now
alexbrown96 Just landed in Carolina ..... Waiting on @karimarbrown and her dad to land so we can grab a bite to eat. Hope everyone is having a great day
jgoody76 Back in the carolina's!
T_Porter22 Made it safely to Carolina thanx for the prayers it's time to eat! Lol
jgoody76 Panthers. Bye next week RT @iMarito: @jgoody76WORD!! what you got a bye week???
jgoody76 Lol my hotel room! We play the panthers 2morrow RT @ItsStillDonP: RT @jgoody76: Back in the carolina's! <-- what's good for the night
alexbrown96 Keep it going boys!!! RT @ChristyL17: @alexbrown96 Gators up 41-0!!
JonVilma51 MY HURRICANES WON!!! now i got to handle my business tomorrow to make this a great weekend...Who Dat!!
jgoody76 Just started RT @RG803: @jgoody76 Big Jon are you watching these wolverines?
jgoody76 Not at all. They always play us tough no matter their record RT @ItsStillDonP: @jgoody76 Lol, that's an easy (cont)
jgoody76 If you can't stop them. Then outscore them!#goblue
jeffduncantp Arrives in downtown Charlotte. At a sports bar inundated with Nebraska Cornhusker fans. Who knew?
ChaseDaniel Is anyone else watching this Michigan / Illini game? This is crazy
ChaseDaniel My tweet just went to the server..horrible phone service type numbers!
jgoody76 Lol its the truth this time RT @ItsStillDonP: @jgoody76 mannnn don't give me that Espn politically correct answer
scottshanle congratulations to Turner Gill and kansas jayhawks. down 45-17 in the 4th qtr and won the game. that is heart and determination big time
bobbymccray Wow thats huge for LSU!!!
scottshanle great call by les miles!
scottshanle trust me i would much rather watch my huskers but didnt get it here. man we need martinez to heal quickly!!! with him a top 5 team.
scottshanle dont worry husker fans crazier things have happened. just keep winning and we play a quality opponent in big 12 title game. still a shot
Jmack37 Tiiiiiirrredd boss!!
alexbrown96 Im sure he was being funny but did anyone else hear Joe P. Reason for being driven thru all these wins "getting paid" I died laughing
jgoody76 Not with that goodwin blood in you RT @Missmj3: Sometimes I just feel like giving up
ChaseDaniel Mizzou is going to pull it off! It's hard not being able to watch out here in North Carolina! Huge game for us tomorrow against the Panthers
jeffduncantp The New Orleans Hornets are 6-0. Who saw that coming. Impressive debut by Monty Williams & Dell Demps rivals '06 debut by Sean Payton.
JonVilma51 it's All business from here on out,,, got to come back to n.o with a W!!!
jeffduncantp Impressive thing about Hornets' 6-0 start is it's legit. Vanquished: heat; spurs; rockets. Tonight's road win 24 hrs after big win vs. MIA.
ChaseDaniel Tired of fair weather fans for #Mizzou! True fans stand behind their team no matter what happens! Proud of them! They will get it back
dmpressley Sleep is overrated


From the Saints Sideline

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Cat Calls

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V-Roll Roll Call

Malcolm Jenkins has been a versatile member of the New Orleans Saints secondary


Devery Henderson says you have to be patient and big plays will come: video


It's almost unfair to have to great running backs like Carolina


The Carolina Panthers always play the New Orleans Saints a good game