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Change of Hart?

It's been four games now since Garrett Hartley has resumed his field goal kick duties following a Payton-imposed two week hiatus. When he first returned to work in the Saints week six matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Hartley again missed a field goal, leading us all to ponder the future of the Saints kicking game. But since then he's been a perfect five for five, giving us all hope once again that Hartley's is the man.

So can he once again be trusted when the game is on the line? I'm on the fence about this, honestly. Though he made both of his field goal tries yesterday (barely), his kicks still appeared to have that now infamous left hook. Perhaps it doesn't matter because he's simply adjusted his initial angle to compensate for his known curve tendencies.

Has Hartley truly fixed the problems that earned him a benching last month? Are you once again comfortable with Garrett Hartley's field goal kicking abilities? Is there anything behind the decision to take away his kickoff duties yesterday and give them to Thomas Morstead?