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St. Louis Rams 13 @ New Orleans Saints 31: Janks For the Memories!!

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Alrighty, then!! The Saints get to 10-3 with an 18-point win (doubling up the point spread) over a Rams team that kept it close against us in 2009.

The Saints built up a big lead, and did not choke the whole thing up to make for a stressful finish. Jank goodness for that.

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Don't forget to tune in to the Who Dat Station Post-Game Podcast at 8:00 EST (click here to listen), with Kevin Held holding court as Ralph Malbrough Man is actually in attendance at the Dome.

Also be sure to vote for your player of the game...we have many good choices.

Rams vs Saints coverage

Rams vs Saints boxscore

Turf Show Times

Malcolm Jenkins snatched two red zone interceptions, running one of them back 90-something yards back for a touchdown at a crucial point of the 1st half, with the Rams poised to cut the lead to 1 point. Clutch, baby, clutch!!

Drew threw for 3 TDs, but also a couple of INTs, so there's some cleaning up to be done in the film study.

Marques caught 2 of Drew's TDs, and that was sweet, while Roby and Ivory's injuries are not sweet at all. Here's hoping for good prognoses for them both.

It was nice to see PT back in action, and Reggie looks to be kicking off more rust and dust from his boots with each passing week. Rounding into form at the right time.

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