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Saints 24 @ Ravens 30: Who Dat Say!?

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The six-game winning streak is over, and the Saints sit at 10-4 after coming up short against a powerful Baltimore Ravens squad yesterday.  We've pretty much lost our chance at the division title, but we are still sitting pretty for a wild-card spot.  

Here is your Day-Aftermath collection of stories, tweets, quotes, and videos from the game.  There's plenty to digest as we look ahead to getting after the Atlanta Falcons next week, and getting back on the winning track.  JUMP!!!

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T_Porter22 Ugggh losing hurts....but we will bounce back...stay with us who dats..we will finish strong!

ltorrence24 Tough times don't last, but tough people do!

jeffduncantp Saints are expected to arrive back around 9 p.m. RT @rachelLeigh9: @jeffduncantp what time should the #saints arrive back in New Orleans?

jeffduncantp No update from Payton on Jabari Greer's injury & Greer's locker was cleared out by the time we got in the post-game locker room.

jgoody76 Great point thanks RT @super2510: @jgoody76 All you need is another 6 Game Win Streak to Get another Ring

T_Porter22 Ppl need to learn to mind they business n stop trying to get involved n ish they nothing about...damn!

MalcolmJenkins Definitely a tough loss to a good team... monday can't get here fast enough

reggie_bush Tough loss today. Too many mistakes against a good team. Only thing We can do is learn from it and find a way to get better next week!

ltorrence24 Monday Night can't come soon enough!

usama_young28 Usama Young Back in nola. Gotta get over this one quickly and get ready for next week

iWillSmith Will Smith Tough Loss.. Good to be back in New Orleans. Time to get back to work and prepare for the next game. WHO DAT!!!

KawikaMitchell Kawika Mitchell Man... Just saw the fans at the airport. I guess it's a regular thing in NO but I've never seen anything like it before. Who Dat!! Much love

dmcallister26 deuce mcallister I will be out n the city(nola) tom early n the day. Make it a point we speak

j_bushrod7475Wish the homecoming went a lil better but it's time to learn, correct and get on to the next!!!.. Thanks who dat Nation for the support.. But I want to send a special THANK YOU to my very SUPPORTIVE family and all of my friends who came out to the game!

BillyMiller83 Billy Miller Great to see young Jimmy Graham do his thing today, congrats big fella and keep it up!

LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Appreciate all of the love from everyone tonight. We just weren't good enough today. We will work harder and bounce back stronger.

LanceMoore16 Lance Moore Love our fans. Even after a tough loss you all keep the faith. Still a lot of ball to be played. Let's go get it 

reggie_bush Reggie Bush Good night peeps. Gonna try to get some decent rest tonight and get back at it in the am!    


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Post-Game Quotes  (from

Head Coach Sean Payton 

(opening statement)
 "Just first off, obviously it's a disappointing loss, tough loss. You credit Baltimore. It was a hard-fought game. I thought both teams played hard and in the end, they made more plays than we did. As a result, they ended up with a win. It's disappointing, and we got to get back to work tomorrow, look at the film, make corrections as we move forward to next week. Nothing really on an injury note. We'll find out more with Jabari [Greer] later in the week."

(on passing the first six plays)
 "Part of it early on was to spread them out and try to substitute personnel groups, but go in with the idea that we're going to be a little more aggressive early and then, kind of mix things up and just see what the conditions were like. We felt like the weather overall was pretty good. Wasn't really a substantial wind and it was part of our plan."

(on changes for better protection in the second half) "We got into some different sets, but I thought we handled the pressures. Drew [Brees] did a good job of seeing it and the ball coming out. I thought he saw it pretty well."

(on bad tackling and Ravens RB Ray Rice
"We're doing the same thing we've been doing. I think there's a couple penalties that hurt us in those situations. I wouldn't disagree. Obviously they rushed the ball pretty well today, so we'll look to clean some of that up. He's a good back, he's a real good back, and he ran well today."

(on goal-line defense being a bright spot)
 "It's a big stop for us, and us being able to hold them to the field goal. There are a handful of things that I thought we played with energy. I thought we competed and we came up short. It was a hard-fought game, and we'll look hard at the film and make the corrections we need to, but I was pleased with the effort. It's tough when you play another good team, and you don't end up winning the game, but you credit Baltimore and John [Harbaugh] and his staff. They did a very good job."

(on building momentum) "We had the touchdown, the touchdown before the half. It got us back in it a little bit,  and then at that point, just as we climbed a little closer, then they were able to separate themselves a little bit and we fell short."

(on first 15 minutes putting the Saint in a hole
) "I don't know that the first 15 minutes put us in the hole because we went up 7-0. But after that, they were able to score, and so, it kind of went back and forth. Again, it was a hard fought game and we knew it would be. I thought both teams played with great effort, and we ended up coming out with a loss. We'll regroup and get ready for next week."

(on falling back 14 taking them out of the game plan) 
"Fourteen in our league is not a lot, so no."

(on Pierson Prioleau) "In a hard fought game like that, you just want to be heads up and not get a personal foul, not get caught up in all of that mentally. You want to have that discipline, and I just reminded him."

(on Will Smith getting the personal foul)
 "I don't know that those two incidents were tied together though. In other words, I think Pierson's [Prioleau] happened on kick return, and Will Smith's happened on defense. But again, in a game that's contested like that, you want to keep your cool, and I didn't see what the penalty was, but certainly we had a couple of those.  We had a hit out of bounds that resulted in a big play on Roman [Harper]."

(on clicking during the last drive) "It's a good defense. We had the one tipped on fourth down. You know with the time left in that portion of the game, you're going to be in a hurry-up mode. We still had some timeouts. That was to our advantage. We had plenty of timeouts, so the key was just the field position and they did a good job. They've done that all year with their punt unit."

(on Chris Ivory not playing today)
 "We ended up holding him back, and we'll just see where he's at this upcoming week."

CB Tracy Porter

(on the defense)
 "It wasn't up to our standards today. Those guys [the Ravens] did a great job today, capitalizing on the mistakes we made. On the missed tackles today, we let Ray Rice have a big day, and that's something we usually don't do, but those guys get paid just like we get paid, and they had a great game plan. They just executed in the moments when we were out of position."

(on Ray Rice) "He's a small guy, but the other thing is, guys were just out of position. We weren't in the best positions to make the tackles. Once we had the opportunity to tackle him, he's a pretty small and elusive guy that can get away from those tackles. So it's a combination of all those things: his talents and us being out of position."

(on Joe Flacco"We definitely tried to get after him. He did a great job in giving the ball to [Ray] Rice. It's very frustrating having a guy right there for the sack, and he makes one little move, and he gets out of the tackle and breaks the tackle and makes a play down field."

DT Sedrick Ellis

(on the defense's play) 
"I think our defense played well as a scheme goes. As a defense, we need to tackle better. I thought a couple times we had the guy in the perfect position, and we just didn't get him on the ground. As far as our scheme goes, we played our scheme dead on, and we played with a lot of effort and a lot of intensity, but we have to get the guy on the ground when we get our chances."

(on Joe Flacco's ability to scramble) "That's football. Like I said, we have to tackle better. We can go around and around and around, but when it comes down to it, we have to tackle. When we have them in the position where we have them, we have to get them on the ground. [Joe] Flacco, [Ray] Rice, and whoever else they have that carries the ball."

TE Jimmy Graham

(on his touchdown catch where Ray Lewis was guarding him)
"You know, he's an amazing player. All those guys are. Ed Reed, [Terrell] Suggs, all those guys, and to catch a touchdown against [Ray Lewis] was definitely a special moment."

(on his first touchdown catch) "I was so excited. The first guy to me was [Jeremy] Shockey, so there was a lot of emotions. To come here and start the game off like that, I thought it was going to be a pretty big day for us, but we ended up coming up short there at the end. I really don't remember a lot about the catch. A lot happened after that. Ball's in the air, and I end up getting lucky. We're definitely getting better each day, each practice, each game, so we just have to keep moving forward. It's kind of bittersweet when it comes in a loss like this."

(on the offense) "We didn't start as fast as we would have like to have. We've got to get that corrected. I'm a rookie and there's not very much that I know. I just know run and try to stay alive."

(on the passing game) 
"We really thought we would be able to pass, do a little no-huddle, but we were a little short at the end."

(on whether there was any talking to Ray Lewis after his touchdown) "No, no, no, no. I wouldn't talk to Ray Lewis. I'm not stupid. I come from the ‘U' [University of Miami]. Obviously, I know what kind of player he is. Obviously, an amazing linebacker."

(on the Saints' usual fourth quarter comebacks) "I definitely felt it - ‘here we go, let's do what we do' - but to come up short there, to get pushed back hurts you big time. We just have to get back in there and keep working."

WR Lance Moore

(on his touchdown)
 "I knew if Drew [Brees] threw the ball up there, we had two guys over there, so there was a good shot that somebody was going to get it. Fortunately for us, I was able to make the play. I knew that Marques [Colston] was over there. He's my teammate. I knew it was going to be a tip ball drill kind of thing. All I know is that the ball was coming, I made the catch and did a little dance on the sideline."

(on the touchdown being his first catch of the game) "You have to stay alive in this game for a full 60 minutes. You never know when your time is going to be. When it is, you have to make the play."

(on the Saints being a wild card) "Our job is to do whatever it takes to set ourselves for the tournament. This doesn't end that. We have two big games coming up, and we've got to do what we can to win those games."

(on having the ball at the end of the game) 
"You couldn't have told me that we weren't going to score on that drive.  Our offense has the confidence to go down there and score, and when we don't do that, it's obviously disappointing. We don't think that can happen."

S Roman Harper

(on the defense)
 "We had a lot of effort but at the end of the day. Our technique in tackling, we just didn't finish. We have to wrap this back up, do a better job of it. It's one of the things that [Defensive Coordinator] Gregg [Williams] talks about all week. We just have to get it corrected. There's nothing else to blame or point or get our heads down about. It is what it is, and whenever you play a low-center of gravity back, a good guy like [Ray Rice], you've got to be able to do everything to get him down. He's one of the top backs. It's one of those things that we do. It's part of the game that they do well, so we just have to be able to counteract it. We'll learn from this thing, and we'll be better for it, too.

LB Jonathan Vilma

(on missed tackles and was it credit to the runner or blame on the defense)
 "A little bit of both. You can never discount a guy like Ray Rice, the way he was running the ball. He did a real good job not only in the running game, but in the screen game as well. At the same time, we're out there to tackle him. That is our job. That's what we get paid to do, and we've got to do it."

(on holding the Ravens to field goals) "That's what we've done all season. We actually expect that. We don't make any bones about it."

(on giving up three touchdowns in a row) "That was a tough first half. Unfortunately, it's one of those things we just have to swallow. We've got to look at the film and get it right."

QB Drew Brees

(on what the Saints can take away from the game)
 "We came into a hostile environment today, and we needed to find a way to win. We've been a great road team all year. We had our chances, but the Ravens played very, very well. It was a lot different from last Monday night, when we watched them against the Texans. They pressured me a lot more than they did last week. The defense played a lot less conservatively. It seemed that Houston's offense was out there a long time last Monday night. Today, the Ravens' defense was much more fresh. Considering the Ravens were coming off a Monday night road game, they played a very good game."

(on the Saints' slow start) "We had a lot of three-and-outs early in the game. We needed to drive the ball better. I was hoping we could stay out there a little longer to give our defense a rest. We were lucky to have a good drive at the end of the first half."

(on the final drive of the game) 
"We were just missing by a hair, trying to complete passes. That last pass was going to be a completion to Marques [Colston], but [Haloti] Ngata jumped up and got hand on it, and that was the end."

(on the next game against Atlanta) 
"The next two games are very big. They don't get any bigger. We play two divisional opponents [Atlanta and Tampa Bay]. We control our destiny, and we have a lot to play for. It's too early to look at the playoff picture right now, but if we are a wild card team, the road to the Super Bowl will be on the road. We can handle that."

(on the touchdown pass to Lance Moore)
 "I was actually throwing the ball to [Marques] Colston. He 6'5" and he was being covered by a 5'9" cornerback, so I liked my chances. The play was supposed to be a screen pass to [Jeremy] Shockey, but he was being bear hugged. It was a lot of pressure on me, so I just threw it up from Marques. He tipped it, and Lance made a phenomenal catch. He has awesome body control, and it was really a heady play. I didn't see it until they showed the replay because I was on the ground. It was amazing that he was able to stay in bounds."

(on the end of the winning streak) "We played a great team on the road today, and we came up short. We did some good things today, we just didn't do enough of them. We won six in a row, now we just need to finish it off with two more wins."

S Darren Sharper

(on Ray Rice)
 "He runs really hard. He's a low-to-the-ground guy. He's small and compact. That makes him tough to tackle. The way they use him in the passing game makes him a complete back. He's versatile, and he has good speed to get to the outside."

(on the difference in the game) "The bottom line is that we didn't stop the run. We know we can play with this team. It seemed like penalties at bad times of the game hurt us, but we just didn't stop the run."

(on the chippiness of the game) "That's them. They are a team that talks. They do more talking than most of the team's in the league. They start that stuff. When you play them, you've got to say disciplined, and not get involved in that stuff."

(on the Saints' playoff hopes) "Everything is ahead of us. If we win our next two games, we are in a good position. We just need to come back from today. This was a tough loss to a tough team."

S Malcolm Jenkins

(on the Ravens' running game) 
"We knew that running the ball was going to be a key to the game. We knew they were going to try and run the ball. It's what they like to do, and they are good at it. They did a really good job today. "

(on the game versus Atlanta next week) "We have a big game against Atlanta next week. We can't play it soon enough for me. We are just going to put this game behind us and go back to the drawing board." 

(on the chippiness of the game) "
When you have two physical teams looking to win, those things are likely to happen. Neither team will back down, and that's the way things happen sometimes."

WR Marques Colston

(on the loss)
 "Obviously, this was a tough loss to a really good opponent. This is one that I think we all feel that we should have had."

(on WR Lance Moore's TD catch in the fourth quarter and the Ravens responding with a field goal) "Like I said, it was a good opponent that we were playing today. You have to tip your hat to them, and we have to just get ready for Atlanta."

(on still having a chance to catch Atlanta in the NFC South standings) "We still play the games, so we have to prepare for a tough opponent in Atlanta."

(on what went wrong today) "We were playing a good team. [There is] nothing else to be said."

DE Will Smith

(on the extracurricular activity during and after plays)
 "I think it's the fact that ultimately we know that we made a lot of mistakes. We played a good game, but we made a lot of mistakes, offensively and special teams. But we were still good enough to win the game, and we were still in the game. We tied it up, and still had an opportunity to win the game at the end. We just fell short, and it's definitely disappointing."  

(on the late hits) "Every play there were late hits or something going on. It's just the nature of the game. If it happens for all four quarters, don't call it in the fourth quarter."

(on whether this game prepared them for possible bad weather playoff games in the future)
 "Absolutely. I always say that weather doesn't play a big part. It's more or less a media hype-up. Guys are football players, and everybody is tough. Most of the guys here played up north, or are from the north, and played football all their life in the north. The weather is really not a factor. Ultimately, the fact is today we made a lot of mistakes. Defensively, we didn't tackle."

RB Reggie Bush

(on the offense battling back and falling in the end) 
"It's pretty frustrating. We put ourselves in a hole early on and couldn't fight out of it. You can't have that, obviously. When you're going against a team like the Ravens, you don't want to get down 14 like that. We had some key plays that we didn't convert on. We pride ourselves on being pretty solid on third downs, and I believe today wasn't that case. We had some miscues, and we allowed them to get a little pressure on Drew [Brees]. And we couldn't dig ourselves out of the hole. And they end up winning the game. We couldn't stop them toward the end of the fourth quarter, and they ended up getting three points, and that ended up being the difference in the game."

(on where to focus going forward) "We have to go look at the film and get ready for Atlanta next week. That's all we can do. This is in the past. We have to look at the film on Tuesday, and look how to get better, and not repeat those same mistakes next week. We are playing a divisional game that is very important."    


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