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Fleur-de-Links - Dec. 21st: Saints Face Tougher Path to Postseason Success

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I've got nothing to say about the loss to the Ravens that hasn't already been said. It was a close game against a very good team who rose to the occasion a little bit further than we did. A win would have been more enjoyable, but there's no shame in that loss. OK, maybe some shame in regards to the ineffective run game and the very poor run defense, but those problems can be corrected.

Make the jump for more on our upcoming matchup against the Falcons, more on our loss to the Ravens, and for what looks like some good news on the injury front.


JonVilma51 New day new only focused on beating atl da rest of da week!

Official_Saints The Saints. Win & we are in! RT @AAtkinson86 @Official_Saints what teams do I need to root for to help Saints make the playoffs?

HeathEvans Author of Pedophilia Guide Arrested on Obscenity Charges | CitizenLink

Official_Saints CALL OF THE GAME: "I don't know if he was inbounds....HE WAS!"

iWillSmith Productive day at work, watched some film... headed to get a massage.

ChaseDaniel Taking these two days off to get some extra film work done and prepare my house for my entire family who is coming into town Thursday 4 Xmas

T_Porter22 RT @cjdomino: RT @T_Porter22: Yesterday it was like 45 degrees and now its 70...wth > Louisiana weather is bipolar...,<--#agreed

HeathEvans was a tailback until his senior year at #Auburn,said that blocking was the hardest skills he had to learn when he came to the #NFL. #44facts

 HeathEvans The @HeathEvans Foundation took another big step this year by launching our newest event: "The Super Sailfish Bowl"-

j_bushrod7475 Just left a VERY SUCCESSFUL holiday visit at Ochsner hospital with @LanceMoore16 and jeff C... #christmasSpirit!!!

Official_Saints Listen to rookie TE Jimmy Graham talk about how his basketball skills have helped him on the gridiron -

Official_Saints Coach Payton mentions ball security, taking care of redzone chances & finishing in the 4th qtr as keys to ATL game on @richeisen's Podcast

Official_Saints The @richeisen Podcast with Coach Payton's interview will be posted later today....

Official_SaintsSantas Bushrod & Moore RT @j_bushrod7475 Just left SUCCESSFUL holiday visit at Ochsner with @LanceMoore16 & jeff C

usama_young28 Shopping with the kids at Academy. Time to head out and get with Verizon for random acts of kindness

MalcolmJenkins Just got done Christmas Shopping at academy sports With a bunch of kids each 1 got $100.. I think I had as much fun as they did

Official_Saints Our man @LanceMoore16 just got done signing some footballs - who wants one?



Dilfer: Falcons can be beaten at home - NFC South Blog - ESPN
You’ll see and hear it in the video and I’ll just quickly summarize what Dilfer said. He pretty strongly said the Atlanta Falcons are not the best team in the NFL. He went on to compare them to the 2003 Kansas City Chiefs, who went 13-3 in the regular season, but promptly got bounced in the playoffs. Then, to put the star on the top of the tree, Dilfer went on to say the Falcons are not indestructible at home. As a matter of fact, Dilfer said he thinks the New Orleans Saints can come into the Georgia Dome on Monday night and win, and he wasn’t done there. Dilfer also said the Saints could come back to the Georgia Dome in the playoffs and knock off the Falcons.

Saints At Falcons Game Release

Saints' road tougher, but still manageable

Forget 'Ice,' it's Matty 'Elite' Ryan - NFC South Blog - ESPN



Z on TV: Billick and Brennaman: The act-like-you-know guys - TV show critic David Zurawik on the show business, culture and craziness of television -
I wonder whether fans who are concentrating on the drama of the game even hear such blustering non-sense. Maybe it is just a kind of taken-for-granted background static from self-important voices in the booth that the true fan learns to screen out.

The absence of Chris Ivory was noticeable for the New Orleans Saints |
The Saints didn't try to run the ball against the Baltimore Ravens | Saints | MICKLES: Run game stings Saints vs. Ravens — Baton Rouge, LA | Saints | Payton, Saints focus on better tackling — Baton Rouge, LA

Commentary: Loss to Ravens disappointing, not disastrous | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
There are disappointing losses. And there are disastrous losses. Yesterday the Saints suffered a disappointing one. Yesterday the Giants, Bucs, and -- to a lesser degree -- the Rams all suffered disasterous ones.

Saints say game plan against Ravens was good enough to win | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
Heath Evans sat in his locker Monday, looking up to recorders, microphones and TV cameras and searched for answers to questions he also was asking himself.

Payton's Monday Press Conference Transcript

Commentary: Baltimore Ravens rediscover tough identity in win over New Orleans Saints |
The Ravens were getting away from what they do best this season, but may have got back to it during a 30-24 victory over the Saints Sunday.



Payton says tests on Greer's knee were negative | New Orleans News, Local News, Breaking News, Weather | | Eye on Black and Gold
Saints Head Coach Sean Payton didn’t elaborate on the handful of injuries occurred before or during New Orleans’ 30-24 loss at Baltimore, but did say that test results on cornerback Jabari Greer’s knee came back negative.

New Orleans Saints kick returner Courtney Roby cleared; and other injury updates |
He was injured against St. Louis

New Orleans Saints kick returner Courtney Roby is cleared to play |
Saints news and notes



Best arm in the NFC South? Sean Payton - NFC South Blog - ESPN
If you produced a scouting report on each of the NFC South coaches, New Orleans’ Sean Payton would clearly be the leader in arm strength.

NFC South slips a bit in Power Rankings - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The New Orleans Saints lost to Baltimore on Sunday and voters dropped them three spots to No. 7. I won’t say the ranking is unfair. I will say New Orleans’ loss came to a very good team and on the road, so it’s not time to panic. But you do have to be able to win against good teams on the road if you want to be listed high in the Power Rankings or play late into the postseason.

Updating NFC South playoff picture - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Now, let’s move over to the Saints. There are a couple of ways they can clinch a playoff berth this weekend and it could already be taken care of before the Monday night game. That would happen if Tampa Bay loses to or ties with Seattle on Sunday afternoon.

Playoff Scenarios

New Orleans Saints playoff scenario is a matter of winning |
They will be either a No. 1 or No. 5 seed if they get in



New England Patriots continue as No. 1 team in NFL Power Rankings; New Orleans Saints drop to sixth |
Atlanta Falcons are second