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Saints @ Falcons Monday Night Football: In Case You Missed It

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Photo courtesy Kalan Lyra. Awesome stuff! We'll take more, please. 


Twitter Twash Tawk

The week started off with a bang after Trent Dilfer opined on ESPN that the Atlanta Falcons were beatable at home and that the Saints could be the team to beat them, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White took to Twitter to twalk some twash...

No chance in hell the Aints come into the dome and win once trent dilfer...The aints fans are so rude we shall see monday night...Yall fans keep talking making it worst for those guys tht got to guard me cause yall don't lol

After getting some feedback from Saints fans he then took it a little too far and said this...

I don't know why everybody mad for the saints I made a comment on wht trent dilfer said on tv it had nothing to do with them...The grace of god gave them tht championship so tht city wouldn fall apart now and now they think they hot #!@%*# in my chad voice child please...The first time we played them their coach gone say after we won the game thts a good win for yall like the saints are the colts...The saints win one championship and want to go crazy well yall ass aint winning this year we gone make sure tht doesn't happen

Eventually, White was made to issue an apology...

I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to offend anybody about that stuff, especially the city of New Orleans.    

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Listen to our preview show...