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Saints @ Falcons Monday Night Football: Game Inactives, Chris Ivory Out

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I wish I had good news to tell you right now but, unfortunately, Saints running back Chris Ivory will not be playing in tonight's matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons.

I suppose the silver lining is that the Saints will NOT be wearing their black pants, instead opting for the white jersey and gold pant combination. 

Make the jump for the full list of inactive's for both teams tonight... 


RB C. Ivory

WR C. Roby

LB D. Clark

CB U. Young

DL J. Galette

LB K. Mitchell

OT C. Brown

TE D. Thomas



DB Franks

RB A. Smith

LB Adkins

OT Reynolds

OL M. Johnson

DE Sidbury

DT Lewis

QB JP Wilson