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NFL Week 16: The Day After Wrap-Up

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Pay da Man Payloo.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Pay da Man Payloo. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
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Week 16 in the NFL was very interesting. The final week before the playoff seedings are determined led to quite a few good games. Funny part was that those games were between the teams that have already been eliminated.The Saints won their game last night, so this next week will definitely not be their last game for eight months. But for now, lets see how the rest of the NFL made out. So make that jump to see the outcome of all games played so far this week.

Panthers 3 @ Steelers 27

Quick Summary: When the NFL scheduling aficionados selected this game as their headliner for the week...what were they doing? It just made no sense, especially if you were someone who decided to watch it because, hey, its still football. I'm sure you don't even need to look at the score to know who won and who got rolled on their back and got their belly scratched. Roethlisberger's line: 22-32, 320 yards 1 TD, 6 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD.

Panthers Analysis

Steelers Analysis

Playoff Impact: Steelers stay ahead of Ravens, winner of division decided in Week 17. Panthers lock up No. 1 Draft selection.

Cowboys 26 @ Cardinals 27

Quick Summary: Geez, another horrible game. I mean, what the hell were they thinking putting the Cardinals up on the alter for sacrifice for the Cowboys. Except the Cards decided they were gonna win this game. The game started with two pick six's by the Cards to go up 14-0 early in the 1st quarter. Both INT were on the Cowboys receivers as both balls were thrown right at them. Then on the next Cardinal drive, Skelton connected to fellow rookie Andre Roberts for a 74-yard TD to go up 21-3. Before halftime, Kitna led the team down field and put the ball in the endzone on 4th down before time expired, decreasing the lead 21-10. Back from halftime, Kitna stayed on the sidelines after a hip injury limited his ability to play.

Stephen McGee came in as relief for the 2nd half. During the 3rd quarter, the Cowboys made a resurgence as they scored ten points and held the Cardinals to just twenty-three offensive yards. The Cards would kick a FG to force the Boys to need a TD with the score now 24-20 in the 4th quarter. McGee led his team down the field for the go ahead score for the Boys....but their kicker missed the extra point to make the score only 26-24 with 1:46 left. A field goal would now win the game for Arizona, not just tie. The Cards would soon run out of downs and face a 4th and 15 from their own 19-yard line. Facing defeat, Skelton would get the ball to Fitzgerald for the first time for the first down. Skelton then led his team downfield with under ten10 seconds left and set up a 44-yard FG. After an illegal formation penalty, a 49-yard FG for the win was set up for Jay Feely. Feely connected and the Cowboys lost what was supposed to be a dominating win.

Cowboys Analysis

Cardinals Analysis

Playoff Impact: Both teams have already been eliminated.

Titans 14 @ Chiefs 34

Quick Summary: Congratulations Kansas City fans, your team is in the playoffs. With their domination of the Titans, who were coming off their first win in eight weeks, the Chiefs have claimed a seed in the playoffs after being in last place the previous year. Cassel's line: 24/34, 314 yards, 3 TDs. Dwayne Bowe had six catches for 153 yards and 2 TDs.

Titans Analysis

Chiefs Analysis

Playoff Impact: Chiefs clinch division with losses from Raiders and Chargers. Titans officially eliminated.

Baltimore 20 @ Cleveland 10

Quick Summary: So, a bad day for Cleveland and especially bad for young rook McCoy who had 3 INT, two of them to Ed Reed. Reed was incidentally on fire...literally. Although a Sean Payton impersonation was found today in Mangini who opened the second half with an onside kick. Unfortunately for Mangini, you only get credit as a brass balls genius when it works. Flaccos line: 12-19, 102 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT.

Ravens Analysis

Browns Analysis

Playoff Impact: Baltimore clinched a playoff spot with their win. Cleveland has already been eliminated.

Patriots 34 @ Buffalo 3

Quick Summary: Eeesh, the yearly sacrifice to the Pats was the Bills. Only good news for the Bills is better draft position. Bradys stat line: 15/27, 140 yards, 3 TDs

Patriots Analysis

Bills Analysis

Playoff Impact: Patriots seal No. 1 seed and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Scary news for the AFC. Bills have already been eliminated.

49ers 17 @ St. Louis 25

Quick Summary: The first battle for the NFC West, otherwise known as the division the other divisions don't talk about. The Rams started strong with a quick score and a safety of the Niners. However, the 49ers would come roaring back to take the lead 14-12 heading into halftime as the Rams had three 3-and-outs that helped the 49ers get back into stride. The second half was all Rams as they would take the lead and never look back. Things began to break down on the San Fran sideline when arguing occured between the now fired coach Mike Singletary and QB Troy Smith. Alex Smith was called upon to try and lead the Niners down for the tying score, but he came up short with an INT instead.

Niners Analysis

Rams Analysis

Playoff impact: 49ers are officially eliminated from the playoffs with this loss. Rams need a win next win to clinch the NFC West.

Detroit 34 @ Miami 27

Quick Summary: The team that couldn't win on the road vs. the team that can't win at home. Somehow the Lions (!!!!!!!!!!) have now won three in a row. That has to be a record for them. In Eagles-like fashion, the Lions had a near miraculous comeback to win the game. With a little over five minutes left in the game, down 24-14, the Lions were able to force a punt. On the ensuing dump off pass from Shaun Hill, Jahvid Best ran 53 yards for the TD to put the Lions back in. Then when the Dolphins got the ball back, Henne threw an INT to give the Lions great field position. They would capitalize by turning it into three more points to tie the game. Miami would get the ball back again, only for Henne to throw yet another interception, this time going 30 yards to get the go ahead score. Miami would drive 74 yards but were not able to score before time expired.

Lions Analysis

Dolphins Analysis

Playoff Impact: Both teams are eliminated.

Washington 20 @ Jacksonville 17 - OT

Quick Summary: This game was in Florida and the temperature was 38 degrees. The coldest home game in their short history. MJD was sidelined with an injury in this game and so Garrard was forced to show himself on the national stage without the Jag's biggest weapon. He floundered.

Washington got out to a quick 10-0 lead, but soon the Jags were able to tie them up by the 4th quarter. Rex Grossman was able to lead his team downfield for the go-ahead score to take the lead 17-10. Garrard had one last gasp and led his team down to the 20-yard line, then ran those 20 yards for the tying score to take it into OT at 17. Jags won the toss, but on Garrard's second throw he threw an INT. Redskins got a little closer, then took the FG and took down the Jags.

Skins Analysis

Jags Analysis

Playoff Impact: Washington has already been eliminated. Jags need to win next week against the Texans and hope the Titans beat the Colts.

Jets 34 @ Bears 38

Quick Summary: This game, of all the games on Sunday, was a shootout. Does that make any sense? Somehow, both defenses sucked today, as this was an all offense affair. I also hope you bet the over at 35.5. After a back and forth three quarters where there was no true leader, the Bears had a four point lead. The Jets had the ball and were trying to drive down the field. Then with 52 seconds left, Sanchez threw an INT to seal the win for Bears. Cutler's line: 13/25, 215 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT, 4 rushes for 3 yards and 1 TD. Forte ran for 113 yards on 19 rushes and a TD.

Jets Analysis

Bears Analysis

Playoff Impact: The Jets lost yet still clinched a playoff berth thanks to a Jacksonville loss. The Bears already clinched the division and must win again the Packers to seal up the # 2 seed.

Texans 23 @ Denver 24

Quick Summary:

Your Houston Texans went into halftime up 17-0 on the Broncos in Denver. They lost 24-23. That pretty much says it all.

This team is a complete and utter embarrassment. Vent as you see fit in the Comments below.

I wanted to use that quote, because it sums up the now 5-10 Texans. Who started the season 4-2 and first in the division. As already mentioned, the Texans went up 17-0 at halftime then found a new way to lose as they only scored two FGs both over 50 yards in the second half. The Broncos, led by Tebow, were able to find the endzone three times. Once by their running back, another on a passing TD, then a rush into the endzone by Tebow. Down by one point, the Texans started their drive down the field. However, on a pass from Schuab to Owen Daniels, Daniels couldn't bring it down and the ball was, in turn, intercepted. Tebow got his first win, although it was against the Texans defense.

Texans' Analysis

Broncos' Analysis

Playoff Impact: Both teams were eliminated weeks ago.

Colts 31 @ Oakland 26

Quick Summary: Indy won this game on the strength of their running game. No really, stop laughing. The Colts had their best running game in three years, and even Manning got in on the action with a run off a keeper on a bootleg. Oakland started the game great with a kickoff return for a TD. The Raiders were able to score with 1:51 left, but this game was never really close after the first quarter. And the Colts are ready to begin their march through the post-season...again.

Colts Analysis

Raiders Analysis

Playoff Impact: Chiefs eliminated the Raiders before the game started. Colts need a win this week to seal up their title.

Chargers 20 @ Cincinnati 34

Quick Summary: Am I the only one who notices that when teams are eliminated they seem to start winning more games? This game was not close. The Chargers made this one seem close, but they lost. Carson Palmer threw four TDs and 0 INT, looking like the old Palmer in this match. Mike Tolbert left this game on a stretcher, which took away the running game of the Chargers, as rookie Ryan Matthews came in as Tolbert's relief. Palmer's line: 16/21, 269 yards, 4 TDs.

Chargers Analysis

Bengals Analysis

Playoff Impact: Chargers eliminated themselves with a loss, Bengals were eliminated months ago.

Seattle 15 @ Tampa Bay 38

Quick Summary: So much for the Bucs losing. D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N. What does that spell? The Bucs took over and never looked back as Josh Freeman was all over the Seattle defense. Hasselbeck left the game in the 1st quarter with an injury and never came back in, although he did score before he left. Charlie Whitehurst just could not do it for the Seahawks as the Bucs steamrolled. Freeman's line: 21/26, 237 yards, 5 TDs. Blount ran for 164 yards on 18 carries.

Seahawks Analysis

Buccaneers Analysis

Playoff Impact: Seattle faces a must win situation this week, as does the Bucs.

Giants 17 @ Green Bay 45

Quick Summary: Remember how I said the Bucs dominated the Seahawks earlier? Well then this game happened. Welcome back Aaron Rodgers, you didn't act like Vick at all in this game. The game was 21-14 going into halftime. The Giants could only score a FG as they turned the ball over a total of six times. Aaron Rodgers line: 25/37, 404 yards, 4 TDs. Manning's line: 17/33, 301 yards, 2 TDs, 4 INT.

Giants Analysis

Packers Analysis

Playoff Impact: Green Bay has to win to get in to the playoffs. They can still get in with losses from the Bucs and Giants. Giants have to win and get a loss from Green Bay.

Saints 17 @ Falcons 14

Quick Summary: OMG OMG OMG! Writing this literally ten minutes after swearing my undying love for the man named Pierre Thomas. That was an awesome game. This was a defensive struggle early with six punts by both teams before a field goal by the Saints. Then after a botched snap that led to a fumble, the Saints rode Pierre into the endzone to make the score 10-0. Matt Ryan then led his team down field for a score to make it 10-7.

After the half, Drew found his inner Favre and threw back-to-back INT, one of them going for six points. Drew then found his inner Drew, and led the team down field in a near seven minute drive that ended with a touchdown and the go ahead score. Payton gave the ball to Drew and Pierre, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Pierre found the marker, and the Breesus took a knee in the Georgia dome.

Playoff Impact: Saints clinched a playoff berth and the 5th seed which means they will play the crucial NFC west division in the first round. Falcons now have to win against the Panthers to clinch the NFC South and the 1st seed. Falcons odds on losing? Call Jesus1000, and have him cranking out prayers.

Saints Analysis

Falcons Analysis

Vikings @ Eagles

Quick Summary: This game has been delayed due to snow conditions and will appear on Tuesday night on NBC.

Vikings Coverage

Eagles Coverage