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NFL Playoff Picture: Saints Lock Up Playoff Spot, At Least 5th Seed

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With their win over the Atlanta Falcons last night on Monday Night Football, the Saints have officially clinched a spot in the playoffs and guaranteed themselves at least the first Wild Card and the 5th seed.

If the Saints can beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week at home and the Falcons - somehow - lose to the lowly Panthers then they would swap places with Atlanta, lead the NFC, earn the first seed and secure home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. That's a huge swing.

So break out the bubbly and celebrate another successful Saints season! But not too long, because they need to take care of business next week and hope for a miracle.

Division Leaders


Wild Card


In the Hunt


12-3 y

11-4 y


10-4 z



11-4 z



z - clinched division title

y - clinched Wild Card