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Drew Brees, Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks Selected for Pro-Bowl

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Drew Brees, not surprisingly, has been selected to represent the New Orleans Saints in the 2011 NFL Pro-Bowl, played in Honolulu, Hawaii the week before the Super Bowl on January 30th. So have two of the to guys paid to protect him, Saints guards Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks

Brees will be third behind starter Michael Vick and Matt Ryan on the NFC roster. Evans has earned a starting spot while Nicks will be playing backup. 

Congratulations to Carl Nicks, who will make the first Pro-Bowl appearance of his career. This is Drew's fifth Pro-Bowl selection (20042006, 2008, 2009) and the second for Evans (2009). 

Check out the full rosters for both NFC and AFC Pro-Bowl squads right here

What do you think? Are all of these guys deserving? Anybody they left out?