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Saints Land in Miami: Twitter Updates

Who needs press credentials in Miami when we've got the wonderful social networking site, Twitter, to help keep us close with the goings on of the team. Here are all the tweets from Saints players this morning. Pictures after the jump. Click the picture on the left to view all of the AP's photos from their arrival. 

robyslyfe On the plane headed to MIAMI...Sunday February 7, 2010 BLACK AND GOLD SUPERBOWL!!! Truly Blessed.

drewbrees The Saints team arrives in Miami has begun

LanceMoore16 Super bowl here we come. Who Dat Nation will be there soon enough.

reggie_bush Team Plane! Destination: Superbowl!

usama_young28 Jus touched down in MIA.... Let's get it!!!

reggie_bush Just landed....

ChaseDaniel Just touched down in MIA! Lots of media here

reggie_bush We literally have like 20 cops escorting the buses! Lol!

Pierre_Thomas Just touchdown in Miami. We here baby!!!!!!

BillyMiller83 Cold in New Orleans and rain in Miami, things out of the norm like the Saints in the SB! Change is good, let's get it!

BillyMiller83 Black and gold billboards all over Miami...

bobbymccray I'm back at the crib! theres no place like home.... Blattttttt

JeremyShockey in miami!!! at the hotel going to UM in 45min.. its good to be home

ltorrence24 Just made it to Miami, guy working at the hotel looks just like #9'! Hilairious..

And some pictures they so graciously uploaded: