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Creating Canal Street Chronicles' New Tagline

I know we're all ready to start talking about the off-season and free agency - I promise we'll get to it - but we've still got some time and one last, important piece of business to take care of...changing Da Chronic's tagline. Yeah baby!

The current tagline is unbecoming of a world championship team. We need something to reflect the Saints most important triumph. But instead of me coming up with it by myself, I thought we should do this as a community.  Here's how it will work...

You guys start shouting out your ideas in the comment section. They can be serious, they can be funny. They must be relatively short. 

Then keep checking back to read everyone's submissions and rec the ones that you like. By the end of the day we should have a few gems that stand out. Those will then be added to the three I have already come up with or heard from CSC's members and be put to a vote. Those are:

  • A world championship blog for world championship fans
  • A blog for fans of the Super Bowl XLIV champion Saints
  • Why not us...again?
Whichever one wins the vote will become our newest tagline. If the popular vote is split between two candidates I will choose one. The same goes for three candidates or if voting is evenly spread throughout. 

So...let's hear what you got!