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Voting for Canal Street Chronicles' New Tagline

It's time to choose the new tagline for Canal Street Chronicles. We got a lot of great ideas yesterday, the best of which are included in today's poll. In fact, some of the new submissions make my original taglines seem lame. But that's okay.

The poll will be open for exactly two hours and is set to close the morning of Tuesday, February 16th at 6am Central. Mardi Gras. In the event of any type of tie or if an outright winner cannot be determined, I will choose one.

Thanks to everyone who participated and threw out their ideas and opinions. I look forward to seeing what you guys choose. Remember, this is serious business. The tagline will show up in searches and syndications, define who we are as a community and let everyone know just what we're all about. In other words: this is important. So make it count and take this seriously.

Vote away!