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Analyzing the Saints 2010 Free Agents: Running Backs & Quarterbacks

Part two of our look at this years New Orleans Saints free agent class brings us to the running backs and quarterback.

The toughest decision here is probably regarding what the Saints will do with running back Mike Bell. The other interesting debate might be over whether or not to bring back Mark Brunell for another season. Read, discuss, debate.

Pierre Thomas

Running Back

Restricted Free Agent

Analysis: I've made no bones about my love for Pierre Thomas. Best running back on the team - and underrated across the league - and still young. This is a no-brainer. The Saints tender an offer.

Opinion: He stays.

Mike Bell

Running Back

Unrestricted Free Agent*

Analysis: Bell is another player that will become a restricted free agent if a new CBA isn't reached, which it most likely wont. His production really dropped off during the second half of the season, leaving us to question his durability. The Saints wanted to go after Beanie Wells during last years draft so it wouldn't surprise me to see them actually pull the trigger on a running back this year. Bell may not be much of a priority for the Saints.

Opinion: Minimum offered.

Kyle Eckel

Full Back

Restricted Free Agent

Analysis: There has always been room for only one fullback on the Saints roster so when Heath Evans returns next year, he will undoubtedly be the man. The Saints might want to keep Eckel around for competition purposes but I don't see any serious deals going down.

Opinion: Might not be the last we see of him.

Mark Brunell


Unrestricted Free Agent

Analysis: I've always thought Brunell was a capable backup. If he's not going to retire, I'd like to see him stick around. But if the Saints are looking to free some salary space, Brunell's contract might be a good place to start.

Opinion: Doesn't return.