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Super Bowl XLIV: The View from Media Day


Alright guys, here is our first installment of coverage from the Super Bowl. All of the content contained in this post is courtesy of Joel Thorman, who is acting on my behalf - as well as his own - at the Super Bowl since I can't be there this week. Here are a few observations he sent me followed by some awesome pictures after the jump. It should also be noted that I am dying inside because I'm stuck here in New Orleans when I could be there myself, living out any Saints fans ultimate sports fantasy. Ahhhh!!!!

  • Will Smith was stationed at his media booth when a man with a Will Smith cutout (the actor) came up and said, "Hello, Will it's Will Smith! Good luck at the Oscars!"  Smith responded, "That's about the thousandth time I've heard that."
  • Bush said a Super Bowl would be probably the greatest event in New Orleans history.
  • Bush also said he's toned down a lot of his media stuff in the last year because he's in a high profile relationship.
  • Question to Vilma: Who has the better defense, you or the Colts?  "We'll find out Sunday."
  • There are a few signs in Miami that say, "Good luck Jonathan Vilma" since he's from the area.  He said of the signs, "Personally, I think it's great."  Also, "I'm really not getting glued into that."  And again, "Right now it's about the game."
  • Pretty funny...Nesbit walked up to Darren Sharper's media session and asked in front of the media, "Being that you're 45 how much longer do you plan on doing this?"  Sharper said, "If I'm 45 I'm looking good!"
  • Sharper also spilled his Gatorade all over the floor.
  • Good exchange with Shockey...He said, "This city does not sleep."....."It's okay to go out and grab a beer or a steak with your family..." but don't go crazy since the city is up all night.  Also he said, "When we win the Super Bowl I'll bring everyone back here and even buy the ticket."
  • Shockey expects Freeney to play.