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Analyzing the Saints 2010 Free Agents: Linebackers

There aren't too many players hitting the free agent market from the linebacking unit this off-season and only one, Scott Fujita, would really be considered a key.

Take a look at the Saints three free agent linebackers and discuss.


Uncapped 2010 off-season disclaimer...

Throughout this series of posts, it's important to keep in mind the very real possibility that a new CBA will not be reached this off-season and that the 2010 season will uncapped. This means that any 4th or 5th year players, who would normally be unrestricted, instead become restricted. For our purposes here, we have assumed there will be no new CBA and are considering these players restricted. This is represented by an asterisk(*). In the unlikely event that a new CBA is reached before the 2010 season, these players would then be considered unrestricted.

Also keep in mind that because of the top eight provision, the Saints will not be allowed to sign any unrestricted free agents unless they let the equal value of unrestricted free agents go.

Scott Fujita

Outside Linebacker

Unrestricted Free Agent

Analysis: I still wouldn't mind seeing the Saints try to upgrade this position but regardless, the Saints will probably keep Fujita around. He will either retain his position as starter or, better still, be a very good backup adding depth to the linebacking corp.

Opinion: He stays.

Anthony Waters


Restricted Free Agent

Analysis: Waters had a combined total of two tackles this season. I doubt he's a priority for the Saints this off-season. Might bring him back if nobody else picks him up.

Opinion: No offer for you.

Marvin Mitchell


Restricted Free Agent

Analysis: Mitchell has been decent in his work as a backup but even better on special teams. He always seems to stick around so I don't see any reason the Saints finally let him go this year.

Opinion: See ya next year.