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Analyzing the Saints 2010 Free Agents: Defensive Line

Time now for the final installment of our examination and analysis of Saints free agents this off-season. We're ending it all by discussing the Saints defensive line today.

Interesting to note that of the five players included on this list, four of them play defensive tackle meaning the Saints will have some decisions to make with regard to what direction they want to go with the interior line.

So who needs new contracts and to whom will the Saints offer them? Read on and find out. 


Uncapped 2010 off-season disclaimer...

Throughout this series of posts, it's important to keep in mind the very real possibility that a new CBA will not be reached this off-season and that the 2010 season will uncapped. This means that any 4th or 5th year players, who would normally be unrestricted, instead become restricted. For our purposes here, we have assumed there will be no new CBA and are considering these players restricted. This is represented by an asterisk(*). In the unlikely event that a new CBA is reached before the 2010 season, these players would then be considered unrestricted.

Also keep in mind that because of the top eight provision, the Saints will not be allowed to sign any unrestricted free agents unless they let the equal value of unrestricted free agents go.

Anthony Hargrove

Defensive Tackle/End

Restricted Free Agent*

Analysis: Hargrove has been the feel-good story of the year and his play last season won over a lot of fans, myself included. He's got a non-stop motor, always seems to play aggressive and has a nose for making big things happen when he's on the field. His versatility is also a definite bonus. Thanks to the uncapped season, it's more likely we'll get to see Hargrove in a Saints uniform next year. 

Opinion: No way they let him go. 


Jeff Charleston

Defensive End

Restricted Free Agent

Analysis: In his limited role as a backup, Charleston has played admirably. He may never have the talent to be a full-time starter but adds good depth and his contributions on special teams also make him more of an asset. I'm thinking the Saints will decide to keep him around. 

Opinion: He stays. 

Kendrick Clancy

Defensive Tackle

Unrestricted Free Agent

Analysis: This might finally be the year the Saints part ways with Clancy, who spent most of the championship season on injured reserve. Defensive tackle is probably going to be a focus for the team in the draft; with so many other tackles on the roster, the aging Clancy is probably the one to get the boot. 

Opinion: Buh-bye. 

Rodney Leisle

Defensive Tackle

Restricted Free Agent

Analysis: Leisle was brought in late last season when injuries were taking a toll on the inside of the defensive line, played only one game and registered only one tackle. I highly doubt the Saints pay him anything. 

Opinion: No contract. 

Remi Ayodele

Defensive Tackle

Restricted Free Agent

Analysis: I was very surprised when I checked Ayodele's statistics from the 2009 season; for some reason I didn't realize how much he actually played and contributed. I'm not saying he's great by any means, but he wasn't the bench warming backup I, for some reason, had imagined in my head. Ayodele started thirteen games this past season. Where was I? Regardless, all of this is to say that I imagine the Saints will keep Ayodele and hope he becomes a quality second team player.

Opinion: Stays a Saint. 


Which defensive tackle will the Saints definitely not keep for the 2010 season?

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  • 10%
    Anthony Hargrove
    (72 votes)
  • 25%
    Kendrick Clancy
    (182 votes)
  • 3%
    Remi Ayodele
    (28 votes)
  • 60%
    Rodney Leisle
    (424 votes)
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