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Drew Brees Wants to Know: Should the Saints Sign LT?

I know we've already got a recent thread on this and have been discussing it a lot since the topic came up last off-season but it appears Drew Brees has brought up the question of LaDainian Tomlinson to the Saints again himself.

Brees asked his tweeps this question a couple of hours ago, via Twitter...

OK, due to popular demand, I am asking the question....who thinks LT should be a Saint?

Ah, crap! Does this mean Drew really wants Tomlinson here in New Orleans and is already lobbying for the team to sign him? Say it ain't so, brah.

I love you like a brother, Drew, and I know you and LT are besties but dude is done and it's just not worth it. Just in case you wanted to know my answer.

And in case any of you out there in Who Dat Nation haven't already weighed in on this issue, feel free to do so now. I've already tweeted him back with a link to this post, so share your thoughts. Drew is listening. Maybe.