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Super Bowl XLIV: Game Predictions


The fact that the title of this post says "Super Bowl" and that our little prediction contest has made it all the way to the final day of the season is just totally weird and awesome all at once.

Anyway, before we get started we've got to give props to our NFC Championship game prediction winner, our very own saints-nation. Here were his three correct winners as voted by you, the fans:

1. Garrett Hartley hits a crucial field goal late
2. Brett Favre turns the ball over at least twice
3. Shockey and Meachem both play    

I think I remember saints-nation telling me that he wanted a picture of cheerleaders put up instead of his boring avatar so his wish is my command.

And now, it's time to make your final three predictions of the season. After eighteen games you should know what to do. I welcome all of our lovely Colts visitors to join in our game as well. 

Good luck!