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2010 CSC Community Mock Draft: The Seattle Seahawks Select...

The fourteenth pick in our second annual CSC community mock draft is now up, meaning the Seattle Seahawks are on the clock. For the first time ever we have two brothers and CSC members, saints fan in cowboyland! and bayoumaverick, teaming up to make the pick, thanks to an obvious clerical error on my part. Fortunately, they were able to agree on which player to choose. Read on to find out who they picked.

Thanks to saints fan in cowboyland! and bayoumaverick for their participation.

With the fourteenth pick in the CSC community mock draft, the Seattle Seahawks select...

Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech

The Seattle Seahawks are in a state of transition. But in the volatile division that the NFC west is, that transition can be quicker than you realize. With the Kurt Warner show done in the desert, and the Rams, well their the Rams, the Seahawks could find themselves in a battle with the niners for the division with a couple of strategic moves and the good health of some key veterans.

This would have been a lot easier if C.J. Spiller would not have been taken off the board one pick earlier. I believe he is a Chris Johnson-like talent, with a slightly bigger frame. Would be great in Seattle! However, that is not the case. The Seahawks have several needs which include offensive line, defensive end, safety, and running back.

The need at running back can be addressed in the second and third rounds. This draft is bottom heavy at RB. Only one or two first round talents in this one, but a lot of value later on in the draft. Someone like Ryan Mathews of Fresno State or Demarco Murray. Either of these players in the second round could help with the missing big play aspect in Seattle's offense. They can both catch the ball out of the back field and demonstrate the ability to take it to the house anytime they touch the ball.

I also believe that they will have to draft a quarterback of the future very soon. Hasselbeck has been suffering from disc issues in his back and that injury does not go away. If Clausen or Bradford is still available with the sixth pick, I believe they would be inclined to look real hard at that position. I love the pick of Eric Berry, though. Too early to look at any other quarterback's at fourteen.

Under this mock draft the safety position is now filled by Eric Berry of Tennessee, selected earlier with their first of two first round picks. He will come in and start day one. He should fit right in with Carroll's defensive mind. He is a playmaker, and Carroll will find a way to exploit his talent.

As for the offensive line, they have used many first and second round picks on this unit. It has not yielded the success many in Seattle would have wanted the last few years. Injuries to the quarterback have not helped matters either. Injuries and contract squabbles with future hall of fame LT Walter Jones has handcuffed them during these last four years. The fact of the matter is, they have to look to the future at LT eventually. I believe Jones can still be effective for a year or two, but two guys they might look at here are tackle Anthony Davis from Rutgers and guard Mike Iupati from Idaho. Davis is 6'6" and 325lbs. He was the standout on a very good Rutgers O-line. Huge man, but only benched pressed 21 times, which is alarming. I must question his work ethic when the other top linemen are pumping it up 30+ reps. Plus he bailed on his pro day the morning of, claiming a hamstring injury. Don't think he will be picked here and his stock is falling after wasting the scouts time at his pro day.

The other offensive lineman I like here is Iupati from Idaho. He is listed as a guard but his 6'6" 330lbs frame say otherwise. I believe he could start at guard and transition later in his career to tackle. Scouts say that he moves much better than most guards, but is not as good in pass protection. Playing next to Jones for a year or two, he could be coached into the ability to play tackle in two or three years. I liken him to Carl Nicks. He is moving up the draft boards, but the Seahawks are looking for value and Iupati is probably a later first round selection.

In this transition period, it is important to draft value and not need because they have a lot of needs. I believe the best value at this spot is defensive end Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech. He is 6'4" and weighs in at 275lbs. Many experts say that Morgan will be gone in the top 10 so at fourteen, the value is there. He is a perfect fit to play opposite of Kerney to solidify a horrible pass rush last year. He is a speed pass rush guy and is a better fit in the 4-3 being run in Seattle.

If Seattle would land Eric Berry and Derrick Morgan, find an offensive playmaker in the second and add line depth in the later rounds the Seahawks might be able to compete for the division; which isn't really saying much.