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Canal Street Chronicles: Fleur-de-Links 3.22.10


Here are most or all of the tweets from or about Who Dat Nation this weekend. Note the last one from Adam Schefter letting us know that next years NFL owners meeting will be held here in New Orleans and not at some tropical resort. 

usama_young28 I'm up here in Indy at my mom's place. Tell me why the neighbor's dog jus bit me while I was playin wit the kids?! Dog must b a colts' fan

MalcolmJenkins   Ok i went to Whole Foods this morning for the first time and was completely LOST!!!...i didnt know what any of those brads were lol

usama_young28   I'm in the mall shoppin wit my little sis. It feels a little weird goin into Vicky secret wit her... Can't do it. I'll walk around for a bit

MalcolmJenkins   at bestbuy... Prolly bout to buy something I dont need

usama_young28 I'm at jay-z concert... Y the whole Oklahoma city thunder roster jus sit in front of me? All the 6'7" ninjas man!

Pierre_Thomas Today was a day of relaxation

drewbrees   Heading on a USO trip overseas pretty soon to visit the troops. Can't tell you where I'm going though. That is a matter of nat'l security

MalcolmJenkins i am such a movie freak... i bough 8 movies in best buy... just to add to the other 200+ movies i have at home... i have an addiction

reggie_bush   On my way to Red Bull party at Avenue! Should be fun...

MalcolmJenkins sittin here watching "Nightmare Before Christmas".... i love this movie!!!

ltorrence24 Delta = Overpriced Flight$ and Middle or otherwise Terrible seat! #fail

reggie_bush   I'm picking Syracuse to win the whole thing

Pierre_Thomas Can't wait to get bak to Chicago to see the family.

Adam_Schefter   Interesting that NFL chose New Orleans for next year's owners meetings considering the labor issues that could hang over the league.


Key 2010 games are expected to be announced on Monday - Pro Football Talk

Keep your ears to the grindstone because Florio thinks we'll find out who the Saints will be playing in the NFL season opener today! 

Specifically, we'll learn -- most likely on Monday -- the participants in the prime-time games to be played during Week One and the three games to be played on Thanksgiving.

First person to put it on CSC wins a diet Mr. Pibb (Dude didn't even get his degree). I'll be sure to get it to the front page as soon as possible. Of course, most of us are pulling for the Vikings.  


 Lions would consider Anthony Hargrove at both end and tackle -

Things are heating up on the Anthony Hargrove front. Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz is apparently keen on the restricted free agent. 

"You know the guy he reminded me the most of?  Kevin Carter,'' said Schwartz, who is in Orlando for the NFL owners meetings. "He'd probably play end on first and second down and then rush from the inside on third down. He's still young. I think at some point he could be a full-time tackle. "What he is now is an end who moves down to a rush role. He's a really athletic guy. He would fit in both of those roles.''

The Lions have until April 15th to make a move and they might take their time with this decision.

"We wanted to give him a physical, we wanted to meet him and start the ball rolling. We still have time on that,''    


Running game was big for the Saints - Houma Today
The always brilliant Mike Detillier breaks down the Saints running back situation heading into the 2010 season. When Detillier speaks, I listen. You should too. 

No one can debate that Bell is not a good runner, he is. But the big question mark about Bell is if he can do the other little things that Payton and his offense emphasizes.

Protecting the quarterback in pass protection sets, catching the ball cleanly out of the backfield and not making mental mistakes are at the top of the list when getting playing time at running back for the Saints.

Now Bell could be on the verge of being with his fourth team in the Philadelphia Eagles. It is like someone getting married four times and there is something just not right here, and he isn't Hugh Hefner.

He also discusses the some of the Saints 2010 schedule possibilities. While he believes the Saints will open the season against the Vikings, Detillier and his buddy Todd Wright from the Sports News Radio Network have some interesting thoughts on the Saints/Steelers match-up. 

-- The Steelers-Saints game would be played on Thanksgiving Day on prime time on CBS, and the Detroit Lions traditional early kickoff on Thanksgiving would become the NFL Network game.

-- The Steelers and Saints would be played on Wednesday on NBC and touted as the "First game of the Thanksgiving weekend." Wright believes that the Saints and Steelers would be given a bye week the weekend before this contest.

-- The Saints and Steelers would be played on the Friday after Thanksgiving on the NBC network and touted as a "Black and Gold Friday Special Edition of Sunday Night Football."

Interesting ideas. 


AdamJT13: Projecting the 2010 Compensatory NFL Draft Picks

The 2010 compensatory draft picks will be revealed soon, but I wouldn't get your hopes up because it appears as if the Saints won't be getting any this year. If you're interested in which teams will, check out this blog. The dude who runs it apparently does a pretty good job of accurately predicting which teams will get compensatory picks each year and how many they'll receive. Very difficult given that the leagues formula is a secret. 


NFL draft: Team-by-team needs - ESPN

Scouts Inc. breaks down offseason needs for each NFL team. Nothing exciting. Here is what they had to say for the Saints.

New Orleans

Need 1 - DT

Need 2 - OLB

Need 3 - DE

Need 4 - TE

Nothing surprising here except for maybe the fourth need, tight end. Some of us might put running back here. Thoughts?



Kenny Wilkerson has made the move over to 690AM - WIST and  a regular gig on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. His radio shows are now also easily available in podcast format. Here are Hour One and Hour Two of is his latest show from March 18th. I should get on the horn and touch base with Kenny; it's been a while. 


Here are two WWL Sports Talk clips from this Friday discussing the increase in Saints ticket prices.