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Playoff Overtime Rules: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Since everybody keeps talking about the possibility of a rule change to overtime in the playoffs and the Saints have been the most recent catalyst for this heated debate, I guess we should officially find out where everyone here stands on the subject.

In case you haven't been paying attention, here are the details you need to know: The competition committee came up with a proposal to change the rules of overtime in the playoffs. The proposal says that if Team A wins the coin toss and scores a touchdown on their opening possession, than the game is over and they win. But if Team A wins the coin toss and kicks a field goal on it's opening possession, then Team B gets the ball and a chance to score. If Team B then scores a touchdown, they would win. If Team B kicks a field goal to tie, then the game continues normally and goes straight into sudden-death format. In short, no team would ever be able to win the coin toss, get the ball and kick a field goal for the win, just as the Saints did in the NFC Championship game against the Vikings.

Yesterday during his press conference at the leagues annual meeting, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell came out in favor of the new rule change. However, it's going to take 24 out of the 32 owners to vote in it's favor for the proposal to pass and opinion is pretty divided right now. No word on whether they will hold the vote at this set of meetings or hold off until they feel it has more support.

Interestingly, Vikings owner Zygi Wilf is actually in favor of keeping the overtime rules the same, even those his team lost the coin toss and eventually the NFC Championship on a field goal without ever getting a chance to score in overtime. Wilf believes the rules of overtime should be the same regardless whether it's the regular season or overtime. Because of safety concerns, the committee is only proposing changes during the playoffs.

Right here on the home front we learned that our very own head coach, Sean Payton, would like to see the rule remain unchanged. As for me, I think I'm leaning in the other direction. Even though the Saints were the benefactor of the current overtime format during the NFC championship, I can't help but imagine myself leading the charge for reform if the situation were reversed. I understand the level of excitement associated with the current system but something just doesn't seem fair about a game or a season coming down to a simple flip of the coin.

I know it's been discussed a little already but how are you feeling about overtime rules? Do you want to see them changed? Has the NFC Championship game done anything to sway your decision either way?