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Canal Street Chronicles: Fleur-de-Links 3.29.10


Here are the latest tweets from the players. 

JeremyShockey   I wonder how many miles i've ran in my life?? Going to put more on these legs... SUNDAY IS THE FUN DAY!!!!

JeremyShockey has anyone seen any good movies out??

reggie_bush   Hittin the beach with my boys! I know it's gonna be packed again! Sheesh! I need a magic carpet to fly over the traffic!

JeremyShockey "All birds that fly high eventually have to come down to earth to get water"

Pierre_Thomas I posted 5 photos on Facebook in the album "NBA All Star weekend"

Pierre_Thomas - A little late posting...but it was cool to meet @uncleRUSH at MJ's Fabulous 23 Dinner Party in Dallas

reggie_bush   Baylor ain't nothin nice! Even if they don't win this game they are earning their respect!

bobbymccray   The Cali sun is out in full affect today.....

reggie_bush   Paul Pierce got my crackin up right now! He bout to win an academy award for best actor! Lol!!! Im just sayin! That's my dude though!

reggie_bush   Don't get it twisted Paul Pierce is a baller though! Just funny!!


The Indispensable 10: The five most valuable Saints players

The Indispensable 10: The Saints most valuable players, No.'s 6-10 

WWLTV came out with their ten most indispensable Saints players. No surprises here really, except perhaps Jabari Greer in the two spot over Jahri Evans. It's broken down by top five and the bottom five. 


2010 Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge: Gretzky, Wahlberg, Brees All Up For Challenge: Golf Digest

Drew Brees will be playing in this years 2010 Golf Digest U.S. Open Challenge the week before the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach this June. The article claims that Brees is a 3-handicap. For those readers who don't know anything about golf, that's pretty impressive. I'm sure that's fudged a little. Heres the Drew quote:

"Are you kidding?" says Brees. "This is a competitor's dream!"


Newly single Kim Kardashian flaunts her sexy bikini-clad body in photos posted on Twitter - Daily News

Reggie Bush's ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian posted a sexy picture of herself on Twitter and now The Daily News is spinning it as her attempt to make Reggie jealous. It's a stretch. In case you missed it, check out what Bush had to say himself on Twitter about the media lately. Regardless, the picture is...ummm...YOWZA! You sure your making the right decision, Reggie?



Here are the audio clips from the first and second hour of Kenny Wilkerson's radio show this past Thursday on WIST 690AM.

You can also listen to Darren Sharper talk with Bobby and Deke on WWL's Sports Talk this past Friday by clicking the following link... 


Remember the sideline marriage proposal to the Saintsation I told you guys about during the Miami @ Saints pre-season game? I found a video of it posted recently on YouTube.