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Tweets from Who Dat Nation: 3.30.10


Jeremy Shockey teases his new book, "Sinner to Saint", Malcolm Jenkins barely makes it home, Harper, Nicks and Brown get caught on camera at "Dancing with the Stars", Reggie Bush loves him some Kool-Aid and  Black Eyed Peas while Charles Grant just can't get enough "Sanford and Son." Read on for the latest...

LanceMoore16   Just got a good wkout in with @YoungBabyHawknow were about to meal at red robin.

bobbymccray The Urban Ink spread is finally out....Make sure you grab a copy or two....

bobbymccray RT "Who dat" license plate could be coming to Louisiana #NFL

JeremyShockey Going to NYC thurs!!! Cant wait to see some old friends... what a great city

bobbymccray Even thou its another perfect day in LA...I wish I was in Key West with the spottswoods fishing it up...can't beat that...soon thou

cgrant94  sanford and son is still good i love it

JeremyShockey Thx for the marketing ideas tweets I really love the help... pls keep the emails coming at much love

JeremyShockey I am willing to listen to any ideas concerning companies, parties, appearances ect... please email again, thanks, much love.

JeremyShockey Be in Nyc thurs-sun anyone want to do a meet and greet???

reggie_bush I'm not sure why but I'm kinda craving some koolaid right now!

MalcolmJenkins On my way back to new orleans...cozumel was great now its back to the real world

JeremyShockey who else will give the tweet world 10% of any deal??? just email

JeremyShockey   Well everyone have a blessed night... Life is good.. Gnight

JeremyShockey SINNER TO SAINT!!!!!!!!!! book coming soon.. everyone will read the truth and understand a blue collar

MalcolmJenkins Gotta hate when your flight is delayed...sparks where flying out off the engine thank god they saw it before we took off

Pierre_Thomas It looks like a full moon outside. What's ur favorite warewolf movie

reggie_bush At the Black Eyed Peas concert! Insane! Pics coming soon....

bobbymccray   OCHO....let's get it in 2night the boys are watching!!!!!!!

reggie_bush I'm still shocked the Black Eyed Peas didn't win any Grammys this year! They def know how to perform!

reggie_bush Ok well apparently from what you guys are saying they did win some. But they shoulda won the big ones

MalcolmJenkins Finally made it home... now im off to sleep to see what exciting things await me when i wake up... night


reggie_bush Crazy

reggie_bush This dude Will is in a full Robot outfit! Lol!

reggie_bush More random crazyness

Harp41 Had a great time at Dancing with The Stars tonight.. thank u @BGSport for hooking it up.. Every1 saw us all

JBrown5570 RT @JBrown5570 the 3 amigos @Harp41 <- U actually took this LOL