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Tweets from Who Dat Nation: 3.31.10


Now that the off-season is in full swing, the players are enjoying their free time and sharing their experiences with lots of updates via Twitter. And without football to worry about everyday, now is the time when they really open up and show fans their more personal side. So here is all of yesterday Twitter action from Saints players past and present.

Let me know if you appreciate the new, organized format with commentary I'm trying out here today or whether I should go back to just listing every tweet.

All Things Grinding

Here are all of yesterday's tweets that mentioned all types of grinding. I really don't get the fascination with the act of grinding but...whatever. Grind on.

robyslyfe thank u lord for waking me up to see another beautiful day...on tha grind, lets go people!!!!!!

LanceMoore16 Grind time with @YoungBabyHawk at @D1Sports. Gotta get a good workout in today!

cgrant94 hope all is enjoying this wonderful day that god has given us be blessed and grind till u cant peace>>>>>>>

cgrant94 just finished grinding yall lets get it

And now, "Deep Thoughts" with Reggie Bush...

reggie_bush Don't you hate when your driving and your phone falls in that perfect little crease between the seat! Take you 10 minutes trying to get it

Naughty Naomi

Heath Evans' daughter seems to be getting the fullback in hot water with his wife.

HeathEvans Naomi just said, "I aint no Punk!" She is more locker room visits for her!!

HeathEvans Some how Beth blames me for Naomi saying "She aint no Punk!" Oh well...somebody has to be the fall guy! When is the 1st game of the final 4?

I'd say that's probably about right. Have you seen his wife? She's a southern belle from Auburn, Alabama - his words, not mine - and doesn't seem like the type to use such language. If this were my new favorite show The Marriage Ref, host Tom Papa would have already ruled in your wifes favor.

And the winner for Best Werewolf Film is...

You'll remember two days ago Pierre asked everyone their favorite werewolf movie. The results have been tabulated and a winner chosen.

Pierre_Thomas I'm with all my Underworld people...Rise of the Lycans takes the cake. Teen Wolf a close second though, classic.

A Day in the Life (of Usama Young)

usama_young28 Take every day as a chance to get better, there is always room for improvement. Let's work to be great. Stay focused

usama_young28 Time to get this workout in. Bout to fall out

usama_young28 I'm hurtin after that one... I gotta get some grub in my stomach!

usama_young28 Bout to get on the 360, youngwun8... Get murked lol

Hanging with the Enemy

Apparently, Jeremy Shockey was hanging out all day with Bryant McKinnie, tackle for the Saints newest rival, the Minnesota Vikings. Eck.

JeremyShockey RT @KrystleColeman over @jermeyshockeycondo with @bigmacvikings lots of laughs ! good time!~

JeremyShockey follow my boy @bigmacvikings... one of my best friends and the best lineman in the game... also part of the best college team ever

The Rest

MalcolmJenkins mad cuz i have the worst service in the world in my crib!!! it drives me crazy

reggie_bush I'm going with Duke to win it all!

JeremyShockey Going to run with tman... Any deals for me email my guy 1 of the best in the bizzz

reggie_bush Craving some Rolled Tacos from the Taco Shop in San Diego!!!! Somebody send me some please!

MalcolmJenkins i gotta get that "Lets go to New Orleans" shirt!!!! @SoleClassics

reggie_bush Uconn womens squad is beating Florida St. 80 to 40!! C'mon Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ltorrence24 Just left New Orleans Blaze womens football practice! Oh man Coach Torrence aint no joke!

LanceMoore16 Long long day, now relaxing for a minute. hope everyone had a great day.

MalcolmJenkins My bruh's new spot they got everything you need to get fresh... We doing big things!!!