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Shockey Denies Relationship with Former Porn Star Traci Lords

Page 6 of the NY Post reports that Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey attended a party for singer-songwriter Sylvia Tosun during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL and "got acquainted" with former porn star Traci Lords. Shockey denied any sexual relationship between the two via his Twitter account about an hour ago...

I,m not Wilt Chamberlain nor do I profess to be. I,ve been linked to many women both professional and in the entertainment field While its...ield. While its flattering to my bachelor status they are unfounded and untrue. I have a mother who must read these lies and inuendo,s understand I am in a relationship with the New Orleans Saints...I met Traci Lords and then page 6 writes this.. wow    

Shockey seems to be the only one making a big deal about this; not the NY Post. While the title of the original article might be a bit misleading, further reading reveals it only alleges the Shockmeister was "chatting it up" with the former porn star. Nothing about any relations. In fact, the article states the real fun was when the tight end picked up Tosun and the party's host, Tom Lorde-Alge, the next day "for a joy ride around Miami in his souped-up vintage Dodge Charger." You know, the car he posted a picture of sitting in front of the Saints facility on Twitter last August. 

Canal Street Chronicles would like to thank Jeremy for keeping this, the most boring off-season in Saints history, slightly more exciting. Even if none of it's true.