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What Should the Saints do with the Lombardi Trophy?

Seems the future of the coveted Lombardi Trophy is in question. The Times-Pic reports that Saints officials haven't yet decided on what they would like to do with it for the year. The final decision ultimately falls on owner Tom Benson; Greg Bensel said that a decision could be coming soon.

But my question to all of you out there in Who Dat Nation, since it is our trophy, is the same query asked by the Times-Pic in their article...

Where does the Lombardi Trophy go next? Will it reside in a trophy case at the team's Metairie facility? Will it tour the state? Will it be on display somewhere for locals to view?    

Okay, so that's really four questions but you know what I'm talking about. Once Sean Payton lets go of the trophy, what would you like to see the Saints do with it?