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Saints Cut Charles Grant, Jamar Nesbit and Mark Simoneau

Charles Grant, or the person operating the cgrant94 Twitter account, put up two mysterious tweets not very long ago...

too all my fans thank u for you're support all these years i love longer a saint too my fans love u

If this really is Grant's account, it would seem fair to interpret that he has been cut by the Saints and the news just has not been released yet.

Update: The release of Charles Grant has been confirmed. Also released were Jamar Nesbit and Mark Simoneau. Per Jeff Duncan's Twitter...

The Saints cut Charles Grant, Jamar Nesbit and Mark Simoneau.

Personally, none of this news is upsetting. I was a proponent of releasing Grant, especially given his bloated contract. Thanks to the new rules of the uncapped off-season, the Saints were able to make this move without any financial penalty; yet another reason these off-season rules may benefit the Super Bowl Champions rather than harm them.

This also means the chance that the Saints take a quality, pass rushing defensive end in this years draft just shot up exponentially.

As for Jamar Nesbit and Mark Simoneau, not much lost there. Honestly, I didn't even realize Simoneau was still on the payroll.