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Darren Sharper: Jets Might be One Free Safety Away from Getting a Super Bowl Ring

Here is the video that has everyone gossiping today. It's from TMZ and it's obvious the paparazzi had caught Darren Sharper coming out of a restaurant and waiting for valet service. The camera guy tried baiting Darren with lame questions like whether he thought Reggie Bush would play better next season without the distraction of Kim Kardashian.

But Sharper did seem to take the bait when asked about the NY Jets. He had a few complementary things to say about their off-season thus far and finished it off by declaring the Jets "might be one free safety away from getting a Super Bowl ring."

WTF does that mean, Darren? I'm going to pretend like the obvious perceived meaning of that statement was, in fact, misunderstood. Just because I'm in a good mood. But seriously, I honestly wish Sharper would give it a rest with the furtive comments about playing for other teams yet doing it so blatantly through the media. I'm not saying my opinion is completely rational. He has every right to search for a better job and/or better pay. I get it, I really do. But doing it this way just doesn't sit well with me as a fan. Does he really not love New Orleans anymore and want out that badly?

But that's not the best part, of course. Watch Sharper check out the ladies walking by at about the 1:20 minute mark. Too funny.