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CSC Community Draft Board: Top Five Results and Voting for 6-10

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Okay guys, I've cut off the voting, the results are in and our top five players have been selected. Here they are: 

Canal Street Chronicles Draft Board

1. Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska --558 total points
2. Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma --358 total points
3. Eric Berry, S, Tennessee --288 total points
4. Sergio Kindle, OLB, Texas --164 total points
5. Brandon Graham, OLB, Michigan --126 total points



All defensive players, no surprise there. It was a very close race for the fifth spot between Brandon Graham and Rolando McClain with only two points separating them.

Now it's time to move on to the next five players. I have created a new poll, which can be found after the jump and have included the instructions again. Of course, feel free to chat about the results of the first five spots and how you're going to vote for the next five. 

Are we having fun yet? Don't make me turn this blog around!

How This Works

Please vote only once!!

Rank the top five available players in the order you would like to seem them drafted by the Saints. Pretend you're in charge. Take talent, value, need, and character into account if and only if you feel that the Saints should be doing the same when evaluating a draft prospect. If you feel players should be ranked based on talent alone, then do so. 

This is not a mock draft. 

Don't predict what will happen. This does not take into account what other teams will do before the Saints pick. You never know what will happen or who will be available. 

Don't predict how you think the Saints will rank players. This is how you, as a member of the Canal Street Chronicles community, rank the players. 

Players will receive 5 points for every first place vote, 4 for every second place, and so on.  They will receive 0 points if they are unranked.  Total points from all ballots will be added, and the five players with the most votes will be taken out of the pool of available players and put up on the big board.

Again, please vote only once!!

You can track the results at your convenience by checking this website

I will leave voting open for 48 hours, give or take. I will then post the results and we'll get started all over again on positions six through ten. We'll go as far as we can until the draft.  

Happy voting!