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Saints Draft Day Trade Possibilities

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Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis are anything but shy when it comes to making moves on draft day in an effort to get the player they really want.

Last season they tried very hard to to move up in the first round and acquire running back Beanie Wells but to no avail. Because they just had to make some kind of move, Payton and Co. jumped into the fifth round and wisely grabbed Thomas Morstead. In 2008 they actually did pull off a first round trade, sliding up two spots from tenth overall to eight and assuring they could select Sedrick Ellis. And when we thought they were finished after picking Taylor Mehlhaff with their last selection that year, they traded into the seventh round just to grab Adrian Arrington and maintain their draft high.

So if history is any predictor of the future, I think it's safe to say fans can expect some sort of fireworks display from Sean and Mickey next week. Most likely, an attempt to move up. It doesn't seem likely that with the final pick in the first round, they will be able to contain themselves and wait their turn to choose as players keep dropping off their board.

Of course they could choose to be on the other side of the transaction for once and actually trade down in an effort to acquire more draft picks. A move I personally wouldn't mind seeing, as anticlimactic as that may actually be. Unfortunately, that hasn't been as popular in recent draft history.

What do you think? Will the Saints front office continue their history of aggressive draft day maneuvering and how will it play out? Keep in mind the trade rumors already surrounding Jammal Brown. Or will the phone lines stay quiet this year? And finally, is this any different than what you hope the Saints will do during the draft?