The New Orleans Nutrias

With a couple days until the draft, really no news (saints-wise) going on, and I'm at work with nothing to do...I got to thinkin': What if the Saints weren't the "Saints". What if the owner, or whoever named the team, named it another name? I've thought of a few that made me very happy that we're the Saints.:

The New Orleans Nutria:

"Coypu were introduced to Louisiana in the 1930s for fur, for example, and nutria damage in Louisiana became so severe that in 2005, a bounty program was in effect to aid in controlling the animal"

Perfect right? But then I thought...wait the mascot's been taken:



The New Orleans Hellboys

I tried to think of the opposite of a saints without being to boring with the Devils or demons here. And I kinda like the whole hellboy movies.



The New Orleans Tchoupitoulas

Not only a street in New Orleans, BUT a bad-ass Indian Tribe (I dont really know if they were "bad-ass" but with a name like Tchoupitoulas you've gotta be...)



OK, that's all I got for now...and yes I know Hellboy did not exist at the time the creation of the team, but it's all in good fun. Any good team ideas out there? Also anyone good enough in photoshop to make a uniform in place of ours?

Thanks for reading!

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