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Should the Saints Draft a Running Back?

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"Dave! I love you man! Great pick."

"Good solid pick."

"Love this pick...Great pick."

"Voted A+++"

That was the feedback I received in the comment section as I represented the Saints in the second round and closed out Mocking the Draft's writers mock draft. Who did I select to earn such high praise?

I went with Stanford running back Toby Gerhart. That's right, a running back. Allow myself to quote...myself:

Selecting the 6'0", 231 lbs. former Cardinal here gives the team a chance to get that straight ahead, pile-moving runner to fill the void left by Deuce McAllister two years ago and Mike Bell more recently.

It's no secret the Saints are probably still in the market to add a new running back somehow. Call me skeptical but after they failed at moving up to draft Beanie Wells last year, I never really believed Payton when he said he thought his running back was "in the building" and I really don't think he feels that way now. They've already brought in free agent Jamal Lewis for a visit this off-season.

With the free agency market looking dry in that department, the draft is the next best chance to seriously upgrade the position. Gerhart was just too good to pass up here and we know Mickey and Sean can often feel the same way. And if they really do subscribe to the best player available policy when drafting, Gerhart definitely has to be considered a legitimate option.

But the second round might be a little high for the Saints to select an offensive player given the fact that they've got other pressing needs on the defensive side. The scouting staff has done such a great job finding talent in the late rounds of the draft (see: Marques Colston) and among undrafted prospects (see: Pierre Thomas, Lance Moore) that it may be best to address a position of lesser need like running back during those times instead.

So I'm moving the conversation from Mocking the Draft to CSC and this becomes our topic of the day. Will the Saints draft a running back at any point in the draft or just wait to find an undrafted diamond in the rough? If they draft a back, how high of a pick do they use on one? Is Gerhart the guy you like or is there another RB you'd like to see the Saints select?

Take it away!