NFL Draft. What you'll probably miss.

Just about everyone with a mother is giving their opinion on who is going to be drafted when, what trades to watch for, and who this year's Marques Colston Tom Brady (sorry, the NFL forces anyone who mentions sleepers to talk about Brady). So it's an unfortunate fact that some things are going to be overlooked. Here's your handy guide to those crazy quirks of the NFL draft.

  1. After deciding to turn over control of the team to online vote, Pete Carroll is shocked to see Justin Bieber selected #6 overall for the Seattle Seahawks.
  2. Due to the league's hiring of Usain Bolt to run selection cards to the podium, overall elapsed time for the draft is shortened to 23:09.
  3. Al Davis caught pulling names out of a hat.
  4. All teams with the Steelers on their schedule host a separate concurrent draft, only in this draft, selections are made from America's top police academy graduates, hoping to discourage Ben Roethlisberger's off field activities. Axel Foley is expected to go first overall.
  5. New Orleans attempts to draft Taylor Mays at #12 overall, not being used to drafting last.
  6. Intending to select a boy named Suh, the Detroint Lions accidentally select Susan Boyle, LB, England.
  7. Sean Payton sends 44 pizzas to the Colts war room.
  8. Todd McShay and Mel Kiper reveal that they unanimously predict that Anthony Weiner (D-NY) will be the #1 overall selection in this year's Fantasy Congress.
  9. Cameras catch Brady Quinn being denied entry into the building as he attempts to re-enter the draft.
  10. Brady Quinn succeeds and is still selected #71 overall by the Cleveland Browns.
  11. In the 7th round New Orleans Saints select Baylen Brees 239th overall, and he still gets an NFL start before Tim Tebow.

What did I miss? Add your own!

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