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2010 NFL Draft: New Orleans Saints Select Patrick Robinson, CB, Florida State

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Wow! Didn't see this one coming. With the 32nd pick in the draft and players like Sergio Kindle, Daryl Washington, Brian Price and Everson Griffen still on the board, the New Orleans Saints selected Florida State Patrick Robinson. Which leaves me miffed. A trade down would certainly have made a lot of sense if possible.

Still we've got to stay optimistic and assume the Saints have done their homework on Robinson and know something we don't. Payton and Loomis aren't perfect but remember Thomas Morstead wasn't a big hit when he was drafted either. Cornerback just wasn't a position most people felt was needed. Certainly this was a BPA situation.

Does this mean that we may see Malcolm Jenkins slide to safety next season? And does that mean we shouldn't expect to see Darren Sharper back?

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