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2010 NFL Draft: Round Two Open Thread

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If yesterday wasn't exciting enough for you, today could be even more action packed. After curiously picking cornerback Patrick Robinson from Florida State, Saints fans are eager to see who the team will select in the next couple of rounds. More specifically, whether or not it will be a linebacker. The pressure is on. 

There is also the potential of some trading going down tonight, as there have been rumblings of a possible trade with the Washington Redskins involving Albert Haynesworth. Don't forget Jammal Brown is also still available for wheelin' and dealin'.   

But if you're still a little miffed about last night's selection of Patrick Robinson, remember that it could always be worse. We could be Denver fans. Zing!

In case you've been living under a rock, here are some other informative posts relating to the draft you may want to read:

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I've got the updated draft order for tonight's activities right after the jump. 

Don't forget to check in with and Mocking the Draft. We've got bloggers on the ground there in NY and a story stream that's being updated with every single pick.  

If needed, I will open up another thread later tonight for overflow commenting.

33. St. Louis Rams   

34. Minnesota Vikings (from Detroit)   

35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers   

36. Kansas City Chiefs   

37. Philadelphia Eagles (from Washington)   

38. Cleveland Browns   

39. Oakland Raiders   

40. Miami Dolphins (from Seattle via San Diego)

41. Buffalo Bills   

42. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Chicago)   

43. Baltimore Ravens (from Miami via Denver)   

44. New England Patriots (from Jacksonville)   

45. Denver Broncos   

46. NY Giants   

47. New England Patriots (from Tennessee)   

48. Carolina Panthers   

49. San Francisco 49ers   

50. Kansas City Chiefs (from Atlanta)   

51. Houston Texans   

52. Pittsburgh Steelers   

53. New England Patriots   

54. Cincinnati Bengals   

55. Philadelphia Eagles   

56. Green Bay Packers   

57. Baltimore Ravens   

58. Arizona Cardinals   

59. Dallas Cowboys   

60. Seattle Seahawks (from San Diego)   

61. NY Jets   

62. Minnesota Vikings  

63. Indianapolis Colts   

64. New Orleans Saints

65.St. Louis Rams   

66. Detroit Lions   

67. Tampa Bay Buccaneers   

68. Kansas City Chiefs   

69. Oakland Raiders   

70. Baltimore Ravens (from Seattle via Philadelphia and Denver)   

71. Cleveland Browns   

72. Buffalo Bills   

73. Miami Dolphins   

74. Jacksonville Jaguars   

75. Chicago Bears   

76. NY Giants   

77. Tennessee Titans   

78. Carolina Panthers   

79. San Francisco 49ers   

80. Denver Broncos   

81. Houston Texans   

82. Pittsburgh Steelers   

83. Atlanta Falcons   

84. Cincinnati Bengals   

85. Cleveland Browns (from New England via Oakland)   

86. Green Bay Packers   

87. Denver Broncos (from Philadelphia)   

88. Arizona Cardinals (from Baltimore)   

89. Arizona Cardinals   

90. New England Patriots (from Dallas)   

91. San Diego Chargers   

92. Cleveland Browns (from NY Jets)   

93. Minnesota Vikings   

94. Indianapolis Colts   

95. New Orleans Saints   

96. Cincinnati Bengals

97. Tennessee Titans

98. Atlanta Falcons