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NFL Draft 2010: The New Orleans Saints Select Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon St.

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With their seventh round, 239th overall pick - their last in this years draft - the New Orleans Saints selected quarterback Sean Canfield from Oregon State and put the finishing touches on quite an interesting draft, to say the least.

Not crazy about this one but that's been the theme of the this years draft for the Saints so why should I have expected otherwise. Did they really have to use a draft pick on Canfield? Surely there was a chance he would have been available as an UDFA? For those Saints fans questioning the future of the teams quarterback position in the era after Drew Brees, Canfield may be your answer. At the very least, he'll be a fun pet project for Sean Payton to tinker with until tossing by the wayside.



Oregon State University Beavers



Carlsbad, California

Carlsbad High School

Mocking the Draft's scouting report:

6'3 3/4, 223 pounds | Quarterback | Oregon State

Accuracy: Threw a lot of pro-style routes and completed a good percentage of passes. Times his throws especially well and routinely hit his receivers in stride. Completed 67.9 percent of his passes in 2009.

Arm strength: Lacks a great arm, but is adequate. Struggles to make some throws, but puts good velocity on the passes he can hit. Can't make a lot of deep vertical throws.

Decision making: Had inconsistent decision making early in his career. Because he always keeps his eyes downfield, Canfield tends to read and react very quickly. There may be no better quarterback near the end zone than Canfield. His awareness looks amplified.

Mechanics: Possesses some of the best mechanics in the class. Has a high, compact release that allows him to get the ball out quickly. Steps into his throws, which helps him get extra zip on his passes. Experienced coming out from under center.

Mobility: Even though Canfield worked on this area leading up to his senior season, he not much of a scrambler.

Pocket awareness: Very poised when he's standing tall in the pocket. Hs the courage to step up in the pocket while the blitz works behind him.

Final word: After missing the 2008 season while recovering from a torn labrum, little was expected from Canfield in 2009. But he quietly had a very good season. He may not do any one thing especially great, but Canfield is a solid quarterback. We have him rated so highly because of his decision making and accuracy.