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Ridiculously Early 2010 Saints Roster Breakdown: Cornerback

Just two days removed from the draft and with most undrafted free agents inked, the Saints roster is pretty much set for 2010 training camp, with the exception of some restricted/unrestricted free agent signings. So why not start taking a look at certain positions and discussing what we can expect when training camp starts this summer? If you thought my grades for the Saints draft picks were premature, wait until you get a load of our next series of posts.

The idea is pretty simple here. Each post will address a different position on the Saints roster and group all players by their chances of making the final 53-man roster. All based on my personal opinion. Hopefully, this will give us a clearer picture of what we can expect this summer during training camp and where some of the key battles will be to watch.

Of course you can agree or disagree with my analysis and provide your own opinion.


Jabari Greer, Tracy Porter, Patrick Robinson

2009 starting cornerbacks Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter will definitely be on the final 53-man roster come September. Without question. Not only that, but I fully expect them to be the Saints starting corners for a second season.

Because of his status as a first round pick, Patrick Robinson will also be on the roster in some way, shape or form. Even if he fails miserably during training camp the team will keep him around another year for continued development. I don't expect that to happen; I am actually looking forward to his significant contribution to this secondary.


Malcolm Jenkins

I really don't think Jenkins will be included in this group during training camp as I tend to agree with the speculations that say he will transition to safety. If he remains at the cornerback position, however, I think he's very likely to earn a spot. Jenkins' playmaking ability on special teams was a pleasant surprise last season but his play as a true corner was slightly disappointing. With a full year under his belt now, we should all expect the first-rounder to contribute more.

On the Bubble

Randall Gay, Leigh Torrence

The fate of these two inevitably relies on what the Saints decide to do with Malcolm Jenkins. If he makes the move to safety it means his spot is free for the taking, most likely to one of these two. At that point, it's anybody's guess and special teams is the deciding factor. This will be an interesting battle. Gay probably has the edge in this situation and Torrence becomes a victim of the numbers game.


Reggie Jones, Glenn Sharpe, Greg Fassitt, Marcell Young, Rafael Priest

All of these guys will be fighting an uphill battle this summer at training camp. Assuming no serious injuries to the players mentioned earlier, the best any of these guys could hope for is practice squad. Greg Fassitt and Reggie Jones have both been here before and couldn't cut it.