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Tweets from Who Dat Nation: Easter Sunday Edition


After the jump you'll find all our Saints player Twitter updates from the last 24 hours or so. Be sure to click on the links because some lead to personal pictures, videos and audio clips. Enjoy. 

Final Four Musings

A lot of the players were watching and talking about the NCAA basketball tournament this weekend. Not surprisingly, a couple of the guys are rooting for the underdog - Butler. 

Pierre_Thomas Going to @TheFifty50 to watch the final four games and see some old friends. Who ya'll want to win?

jgoody76 Let's go butler! I love underdogs

reggie_bush Driving to San Diego in traffic I need updates on the first game I'm gonna miss some of it

reggie_bush One down one to go....come on Duke!!!!!

HeathEvans Congrats Butler.....Duke looks like they r just 2 much to handle!

HeathEvans I pray DeseanButler is not hurt bad but if he's not? I have just lost all respect for BBall Players. D.Wade,PaulPierce=Tuffen Up!

robyslyfe Butler Dawgs!!!! This is tha year of tha UNDERDOG!!!!


McCray Watching the Fights

Bobby McCray is apparently a boxing fan. But judging by his tweets, maybe not for much longer. 

bobbymccray Another boring ass fight........Roy ur killing me......

bobbymccray Ok here we go!!!!!!

bobbymccray Honestly is this a fixed fight.....who belives it???


"Chase"ing the Dream

Corny title huh? Chase Daniel has been taking some time off lately and finally returned to the field to throw some balls around. How did he do?

ChaseDaniel Haven't touched a football in two months...much needed time off....time to start back..1st throwing session today...update coming after

ChaseDaniel Throwing went well, threw about 100-150 balls...just the beginning!


Jeremy Shockey

With no football to be played, the Shockmeister needs another outlet for all of his energy. Apparently, he's been putting that energy this off-season towards blitzing the media and getting better connected with fans. He's all over Twitter promoting his big party, his Facebook fan page, a contest and his recent radio interviews. Dude is busy. 

JeremyShockey phone back working!!! great weather in NYC

JeremyShockey Having a party at Kiss and Fly in the city.. Everyone come

JeremyShockey come to my party at kiss and fly, first 100 people I'll buy you a beer!!

JeremyShockey all the NYG and ex players will be at KISS and FLY tonight.. dont miss this epic saturday!!! free drinks for the girls....

JeremyShockey become a fan of my new facebook page @

JeremyShockey Just did interview on WFAN 660.. Theyre gonna air it sometime bw 10-11pm tonight so check it out and let me know...

JeremyShockey Funny video...

JeremyShockey 1st contest!! im gonna send the winner a SIGNED JERSEY and ill have a skype conv w u.. contest is whoever can get...

JeremyShockey U should post something about the contest as a status update on ur profile (and a link to...

JeremyShockey Last chance!!! KISS and FLY is the spot... see you there!!!!!!!!!

JeremyShockey Did funny interview with WFAN NY today.. It's airing at 10:47pm est.. U can listen to it by clicking on the below...

JeremyShockey Happy Easter everyone

JeremyShockey Incase u missed my interview yesterday on WFAN click on this link...



JeremyShockey Reminder for everyone who just joined.. Check all the below posts about my contest im doing to give away a SIGNED...

JeremyShockey on way back to Miami!!!!!! happy Easter    


The Return of Strief

This is kinda funny.

Zach Strief has a Twitter account which he almost never updates. But yesterday, we had a surprise visit from the versatile offensive lineman. Strief came out of the woodwork yesterday with his first tweet since December. Must be important. Stief may be an eligible receiver but he is certainly not an eligible bachelor...

ZachStrief Enjoying the one year anniversary with my beautiful wife.

How rare is it for Strief to tweet? Consider his last tweet before yesterday...

I'm so terrible at updating this 

9:44 PM Dec 30th, 2009 via web   

Glad to know your still alive. 


Crazy Frat Boys

Malcolm Jenkins was checking out his Omega Psi Phi fraternity brothers at a Greek competition the other day (also called Que's). As he predicted, things got a little out of hand. 

MalcolmJenkins bout to hit the mall b4 i go to this Greek Stroll Competition... and watch the que's get DQ'ed cuz 9 times outta 10 we will if not we'll win    

MalcolmJenkins Just as predicted the bruhs done did something crazy

Other notable members of Omega Psi Phi? Leigh Torrence, Jason David and Shaquille O'Neal. 


And now, "Deep Thoughts" with Chase Daniel...

ChaseDaniel Great performers are, by definition, ABNORMAL; we strive throughout our entire career to seperate ourselves from the pack!


The Rest

Pierre_Thomas Got into Chicago yesterday. It was great to see the famly and friends. Going to work out now, lets get it!

Pierre_Thomas   Kelvin Hayden (Colts), Garrett Wolfe (Bears), @Steve20Slaton and @jeremiah CONFIRMED. Its goin down April 9th at Excalibur in Chicago!

jgoody76   The door goes to the floor

reggie_bush Listening to Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz-Bia Bia...I remember when this song first came out! Instant hood classic! Lol!

ltorrence24 To iPad or not to iPad, that is the question!

Pierre_Thomas RT @MMovahhed @Pierre_Thomas Ive never been to @TheFifty50 but live close by. Might have to roll thru since you push it so much! <-- Mos def

Pierre_Thomas RT @Steve20Slaton @Pierre_Thomas #wvu all day <--- it's going to be a good game. You going to the championship if they win?

jgoody76 RT @CheckmateSC my boy just told me he bought me 2 bottles of hennesy paradis 4 my bday (a single tear was just shed> @A5Lucas get n here

ChaseDaniel Great weather in Southlake! Spending the day with the family

sharper42 Well I'm at my family reunion in VA. Wow never thought I could film a sequel to Roscoe Jenkins, but I could.

ChaseDaniel The President has a left handed stroke!! Dannnng    

usama_young28 My bad, i meant to say he's gotten three second opinions already!

reggie_bush Grabbing some Mexican Food in San Diego! Finally!!!!

jgoody76 Y r these cops trying to get people on easter

sharper42 Happy Easter to everyone, god bless

jgoody76 Just got back from chhhhhuuuccccchhhhh! (I know I spelled it wrong). So sleepy