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Chart of All New Orleans Saints Draft Interests - Updated

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I've been scouring the web these past couple of weeks behind your backs for any and all information I could find about possible Saints draft interests. Finally, I've compiled enough names to flesh out a table. That table is after the jump. 

Any draft prospect the Saints have ever been known to show interest in so far this year is listed as well as what sort of interest the Saints have actually shown, whether it's bringing them to New Orleans or attending their pro day workout. The source of the original report can be found by clicking the players name.

This table is also supposed to be sortable by clicking the top row of each column. Clicking it a second time will reverse the order. In my preview of this post, it's not working but that may change once published. If it doesn't work, I will try to fix it when I wake up.

This list is also open to additions if any of you out there have any sources that prove the teams interest in other players not found in the table thus far. 

Hope this works and hope you enjoy. Of course, discuss any and all things interesting about the findings contained within this table. 

Update: Thanks to Dan Kelly, this bad boy is now fully sortable. 

Click the first row in a column to sort it by that column (THANKS DAN KELLY!!!).

Position Player School Projected Round NOLA Visit/Private Workout Pro Day Local Pro Day Rumored Interest Other Interested Teams
ILB Pat Angerer Iowa 3/4 x
TE Mickey Schuler Penn State 7/UDFA x
Jets, Bengals
TE Dennis Pitta Brigham Young 2/3 x Bengals
G/C Eric Olsen Notre Dame 3/4 x

DT Torrell Troup Central Florida 4/5 x Browns, Lions, Vikings, Rams
OLB Sean Weatherspoon Missouri 1 x
Broncos, Chiefs, Falcons
WR Jeremy Williams Tulane 6/7
x --
DT/DE Jared Odrick Penn State 2/3

x Browns, Jets, Cowboys
DT Brian Price UCLA 2/3 x
Patriots, Falcons, Chargers, Buccaneers, Eagles
TE Jameson Konz Kent St. 6/7 x
OLB Thaddeus Gibson Ohio State 3/4 x
Patriots, Browns, Bills
LB Junior Galette Stilman 5/6 x

LB Daryl Washington TCU 2/3 x
Jets, Cardinals, Titans
DE Carlos Dunlap Florida 1/2 X
OLB/DE Aaron Morgan UL - Monroe 7/UDFA
x Giants, Raiders, Dolphins, Cowboys, Bengals
QB Kurt Rocco Mount Union 7/UDFA
S Mike Newton Buffalo 5/6 x
Jets, Browns, Packers, Eagles, Bills
WR Gerald Baptiste Southern Mississippi 7/UDFA x
QB Levi Brown Troy 5/6 x
Bills, Panthers, Titans
OLB Eric Norwood South Carolina 2/3 x
CB Chris Cook Virginia 2/3 x
DT Al Woods LSU 2/3 X
Patriots, Broncos
OT Ramon Harewood Morehouse 6/7/UDFA x
Ravens, Vikings, Bears, Raiders, Jaguars
OLB Dekoda Watson Florida St.  5/6 x
Jaguars, Dolphins, Patriots