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Saints Game Changing Off-season Moves: Sayonara Scott Fujita


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It's time now for the second in a series of six posts covering the top game changing moments of the 2010 Saints off-season. In our first post of this sponsored series, we discussed the departure of Charles Grant and what effect it may have for the team next season. As depressing as it may be, our second off-season moment also involves the loss of another starting member of the Saints defense: Scott Fujita.

Game Changing Move #2 - March 7th, 2010 - Scott Fujita Signs with Browns

Unlike the loss of Charles Grant just three days earlier, this one stung a bit. Partly because Fujita was consistently more productive on the field and partly because Fujita was significantly more of a leader in the locker room. But the NFL is a business like every other and when a better financial opportunity presents itself, players usually take it.

Whether or not this move proves to work for or against the Saints is still to be determined but one thing is sure: It will be game changing. Immediate reaction among fans was tempered with the expectation that the team would find an adequate replacement for Fuji either in free agency or through the draft. Yet here we are now, post-draft, and the only thing the Saints have done to address the need has been the addition of a couple of undrafted free agents. Not very promising. There is still plenty of time to sign a veteran free agent linebacker, however, if the Saints don't feel like their solution is "in the building."

So what do you guys think? Will the Saints miss Scott Fujita's play on the field or will his eventual replacement on the outside be the upgrade fans have long wanted to see at the position?